Marisol loves to learn how to cook, clean and take care of the house. She did not get this from me. The cleaning part I mean. I hate it. Like really … avoid it like the plague … do it because it's necessary … bribe myself with treats … watch episodes of Hoarders to get me inspired kind of hate to clean.

A few weeks ago while I was busy with a project she wanted a snack, not a help yourself kind of snack, but a mummy you need to get up and use an appliance kind of snack. She wanted leftovers heated up. Normally I would get up and do this for her, but I thought it was time she learn how to use a microwave. She's 8. She was thrilled. Check that off the list of things I have to do. Now she's the re-heating queen, every time something has to be heated quickly, she's on it. She even heats food for her brother. Without complaining. She just doesn't always remember to cover the food so it doesn't splatter though.

Kids in the Kitchen: Cooking and Cleaning Tips. #ZepSocialstars #sponsored
It's important when kids are in the kitchen that they also learn how to clean up after themselves. I don't expect her to do the dishes and do worry about her using cleaning products at this age, but I think it's important for her to observe and be a part of the process so that as she gets older she knows how to do these things on her own. 

So today after she heated wings for her after school snack, I had her help clean the microwave.

Kids in the kitchen

Because there was  just a little bit of a mess in there by the time she was done heating them.

how to clean your microwave

Zep Commercial Microwave Miracle makes quick work of this. I could have had her just wipe up the mess with a paper towel, but I find that over time the microwave looks stained and there is always a lingering smell after heating, which quite frankly grosses me out when I go to heat something else up and still smell the last thing in there.

Here is how Microwave Miracle works:

how to clean your microwave with Zep Commercial Microwave Miracle

  • Apply a generous amount inside your microwave (I did this part).

how to clean your microwave

  • Close the microwave door and turn on the microwave for 2 minutes (Miss M did this part) – if you have a strong microwave you might want to adjust that time to as little as 30 seconds.

teaching kids to use the microwave

  • Watch the microwave steam clean itself. Tag a rag and wipe it out.

how to clean your microwave

And it leaves a citrus scent.

Zep Commercial Microwave Miracle is available at Home Depot.


Disclosure: I’m sharing how to clean your microwave in under 5 minutes and featuring Zep’s Microwave Miracle as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #ZepSocialstars

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