What To Do At Great Wolf Lodge

by Tonya Staab
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Great Wolf Lodge in Southern California is the perfect place to head any time of year whether it be summer break or a rainy day and they offer gluten-free dining options too.

Just because the twins’ are back in school, and autumn decor and pumpkins are filling the stores doesn’t mean we can’t hang onto summer a little bit longer.

When I think of summer, I think of warmth, swimming, beaches, water parks, enjoying yummy treats, playing games galore, and having fun. And we’ve found the perfect place to do that year-round … Great Wolf Lodge.

While in Kentucky over summer break we were invited to a media day at Great Wolf Lodge, and it just so happened our plan was to be back in California the day before so that I could finish last-minute paperwork for middle school registration. Well, it’s not surprising that there were a LOT of shiny objects on our 3-day trek home in the car so we got home a little later than expected, finally falling asleep in our own beds at 1am after dropping off our rental car and making our way home. Then it was back up at 7am to head to Great Wolf Lodge for the day. Honestly, we were tired, and I didn’t know how long we’d last, but we had never been before and when the kids heard water park they didn’t care about missing a little sleep because I’d been promising all summer to get them to one.

And it very quickly became one of their favorite places, and they’ve already asked if we can return again next month and stay overnight for their birthday.

We didn’t stay overnight this time, but we did tour the rooms, the hotel, did as many of the fun activities they have for kids as we possibly could, and enjoyed an amazing lunch.


And that’s what I’d like to talk about first because it takes serious planning anytime we go anywhere, especially when it comes to food. Flynn is on a strict gluten-free diet so we always need to make sure if we are going to be gone for a full day that he’s going to be able to eat no matter where we are. This was the most gluten-free friendly place I’ve been. At lunch, the chef came over and spoke to Flynn and gave him a few options. They decided on chicken strips with fries, carrots, and corn. Flynn couldn’t have been happier. As soon as he started eating he declared that this was the best chef ever and the most delicious chicken strips he’d ever had. Well then he nearly fell off his chair when the chef walked back out with a very special gluten-free chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookie for him too.

And, when we were in the water park there were bags of popcorn in our cabana that he could have too. So he was absolutely thrilled that there was so much that he could enjoy, which doesn’t happen very often for him.

As for the activities at Great Wolf Lodge I didn’t think the kids would ever want to go home. EVER!


We played in the arcade …

and a round of glow-in-the-dark mini golf …

we bowled …

and conquered the first level of MagiQuest (and they can’t wait to get back there to finish the next level)…

and of course we hung out in the water park …


They even talked me into going on a water slide. A WATER SLIDE! I’m terrified of water (although I will go on the lazy river, and braved snorkeling a few years ago only because my daughter refused to do it without me and I refused to allow her to turn out like me).

Them: It won’t be scary at all. You’ll be fine. Look, even the little kids are doing it.

Operator: Is everyone here over the height limit?

Me: NO! Don’t let me go on. *nearly dies on the slide, threatens to throw up, almost cries. BUT SURVIVES. And that’s how I sucked it up for my kids. Yes, it really was as hilarious as it sounds and my kids couldn’t stop laughing at me. Well, I must have been a little green when I got off because a few others from our group asked me if I was okay.

I think I’ll do a better job of braving it next time round … but may end up sticking to the lazy river. It’s more my speed.

Check out the Great Wolf Lodge website though because they have so many great activities (that we haven’t done yet) and if you sign up for their emails you’ll be able to see when they are having discounts on room rates and packages.

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angie August 27, 2017 - 10:24 am

what a great place this looks like. I am sure it is meant to have lots of fun
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Jenn JG August 27, 2017 - 12:17 pm

I am dying to visit a great wolf lodge. I wish we had one in Florida or even close to Florida. Maybe one day!


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