Fairy Bread Mario Kart Party Treat for Kids

by Tonya Staab
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This Mario Kart party treat for kids is so much fun. We’ve put a spin on a traditional Australian fairy bread that kids will love.

Disclosure: Nintendo gifted us the Nintendo Switch Lite & Mario Kart 8

The lovely folks at Nintendo reached out to me a couple of weeks ago. They remembered that at an event we had been invited to that the twins didn’t have a Nintendo Switch. So, they wanted to send us the new coral Nintendo Switch Lite along with Mario Kart 8.

You know what that means! FUN TREATS! I was so excited to surprise the kids it had to happen with fun Mario Kart themed fairy bread to enjoy while they played. If you don’t know what fairy bread is, it’s our favorite Australian party treat.

girls hands holding a coral nintendo switch lite with mario kart party treats on a white tray

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a newer version of the Nintendo Switch that is dedicated to handheld play so you can take it anywhere you go. It features a more compact design with controllers built right into the system. There is a 5.5” touch screen, 7-hour battery life, and a built-in jack for headphones. It comes in a variety of colors, including this new coral version and retails for $199.99 (compared to $299.99 for the flagship Nintendo Switch).

Now, let’s talk about this fun Mario Kart party treat for kids.

Mario Kart fairy bread party treats

What you need

  • Bread (you can even make gluten-free sandwiches – I made both)
  • Individual tubs of nonpareils – the small ball kind (in red, yellow, blue, green, and white), and the longer chocolate ones
  • Butter
  • Cookie cutters – star, circle, letters M and L, and balloons
  • Wax paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

How to make it

The first step is to place the M and L cookie cutters on wax paper. Trace around them with the pencil and cut out the letters. Set them aside until you are ready to make the M and L fairy bread.

Next, cut out your shapes in the bread using the cookie cutters.

Tip: If your bread is a little small, you can roll it out a little with a rolling pin first.

bread cut into circles using a cookie cutter

Next, spread a thin layer of butter over each piece of bread.

If you are adding a design to your bread (like the letters M or L), place the wax paper you previously cut out exactly where you want that to be on the bread (the butter will hold it in place).

Place your bread into a bowl and sprinkle nonpareils over the top. They’ll stick to the bread, but not the wax paper. Tip the bread a little to allow the excess to roll off into the bowl. Remove the wax paper from the bread. Put the next color of nonpareils into a funnel or small jug and pour them very carefully into the center of the space where the wax paper was. Spread them using a clean knife.

fairy bread with the letter M on it being made

Tip: Once I move onto a different color I pour the nonpareils from the bowl back into the container.

Mario Kart fairy bread on a white tray with milk bottles and Mario Kart toys

I added the balloon fairy bread to the tray because there’s a balloon race in Mario Kart 8. I thought they’d be fun for a Mario themed birthday too.

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Please pin this idea for later.

Mario Kart party treat for kids Pinterest image

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