5 Beginner Sewing Projects for Teen Girls

by Tonya Staab
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Teaching your teen to sew is a wonderful life skill. We have 5 beginner sewing projects for teen girls that they can actually use.

The twins were supposed to learn sewing this year in their home economics class during 8th grade. However, after falling off a horse, the teacher had to take some time off and the substitute decided to do other projects with them instead. So I’m going to be teaching them at home, much to their horror. Neither wants to learn, but I think it’s important that they do know some basic techniques, even if it’s just to sew buttons and mend tears.

These five sewing projects below are perfect beginner projects for teen girls. They are more likely to want to learn if they can make something they are able to use, or gift to their friends.

Sewing projects for teen girls

Drawstring shoe bag

Sewing a drawstring shoe bag is my most recent project over at Make and Takes. I’m showing you how to make them in different sizes, and it’s the perfect project for kids who like to have weekend sleepovers, play sports, or keep shoes in their school lockers. I’m even showing you how to embroider words or images on them.

How to sew patches in jeans

This is one of the most popular projects on my blog. We all love the look of ripped jeans, but what happens when those rips get a little too big? I’m showing you how to add lace patches to your ripped jeans to hold those tears together just a little. The best part, they don’t even need a sewing machine for this project, all they need is a needle and thread. It’s the perfect project to teach them how to stitch by hand.

holes in jeans patched with lace

DIY handmade scrunchies

At the time of making this project, Marisol hated scrunchies. She refused to wear them, even though I thought she would love them. So, I popped them into my closet to use to tie my own hair up when I’m doing home facials. I noticed more recently though that the scrunchies have migrated to her bedroom. Although she doesn’t wear them out of the house, she loves to use them in the evenings when she washes her face. Grab the tutorial to make our handmade scrunchies at Make and Takes.

handmade scrunchies

How to add sequins to a shirt

This is another fun hand-stitching project pre-teens and teens can do. Take any shirt and jazz it up a little (I’m sure I just felt my daughter cringe that I said ‘jazz it up’) with a fun sequin design. Make fun words, an image, or design. It will be one-of-a-kind, and another fun project to teach them how to use a needle and thread. They’ll be sewing on buttons in no time at all after sewing sequins. This thrifted sewing project was one I did a long time ago for The Centsible Life.

a girls black and white tee with a heart template, pen, and scissors

Handmade fabric makeup brush roll

This is actually one of my favorite projects and one that I need to remake. Marisol’s best friend loves makeup and puts together YouTube tutorials, so we gifted this handmade makeup brush roll to her. But, just like a few of the other projects, you can grab my tutorial to make your own at Make and Takes.

a handmade makeup brush roll in pineapple and blue fabric

Please pin these ideas for later:

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