Fun Paper Cup Crafts Kids Will Love

by Tonya Staab

We’ve got the cutest and most fun paper cup crafts including animals, party snack cups, and other fun ideas that kids are going to love.

Paper cup crafts

What crafts can you do with paper cups? There are so many fun crafts that you can make that you can use as snack cups, for school projects, and more!

Dolittle animal cups

Dolittle movie paper cup animals
Animal paper cup crafts inspired by characters from the Dolittle movie.

These adorable animal paper cup crafts are inspired by the characters from the Dolittle movie. I make it easy to put them together though with printable templates for you to download and print. You’ll find my instructions and downloads at Make and Takes.

Paper cup frog

a green paper cup frog craft
An adorable green paper frog cup craft.

You’ll be hopping with joy over this super cute paper cup frog craft. The kids will have so much fun hopping all over the place with their green friends. Grab the tutorial to make your own at Kids Activities Blog.

Bunny butt snack cups

paper cups covered in colorful paper with a pom pom on the back to look like a bunny tail
These adorable bunny butt snack cups filled with yummy treats are perfect for kids.

These bunny butt snack cups are perfect for a spring party, movie night, Easter, or just because your kids love bunnies. Just fill them with your favorite snacks. You can find the instructions to make these on Kids Activities Blog.

Yard line snack cups

green and white football yard line cups filled with snack mix
Yard line party cups are perfect for your next tailgating or homegating football party.

These yard line party cups are quick and easy to make before your next football party. It’s such a quick project that you can put the kids in charge of these including filling them with yummy snacks.

Paper cup farm animals

paper cup farm animals craft including a pig, cow, and rooster
Our pig, cow, and rooster farm animal cups are simply adorable.

One of the projects I made for our book, The Big Book of Kids Activities, were these adorable farm animal paper cups including a pig, a cow, and a rooster. These projects were based on the foam animal cup crafts on Kids Activities Blog.

If you are looking for one more fun craft, this one doesn’t use drinking cups, but these super cute chick snack cups are made using

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