How to Fix a Broken Mirror Frame

by Tonya Staab

We’ll show you how to fix a broken mirror frame, whether it’s your own mirror that broke or a broken secondhand mirror that you want to buy.

a white and grey bathroom with a white framed mirror
A white and grey bathroom that had a broken mirror repaired.

How to fix a broken mirror frame

We are currently renovating our bathroom. Previous owners had installed a bathroom that you would find in a new house but doesn’t look authentic for our historic house. So, piece by piece we are tearing everything out and replacing it. It’s going to take some time as we try to do it on a budget and only use secondhand, re-purposed, and antiques.

We found a beautiful mirror for $25 in a booth at a Peddler’s Mall a while ago, but a corner of it was missing so we bought it and restored it.

A broken mirror frame that needs to be repaired.



Using tape, attach pieces of cardboard to a piece of the frame that you want to make a mold of.

A corner of a mirror that needs a mold created is taped with cardboard.
Cardboard, hot glue, and tape being used to create a mold for a broken frame.

Mix the mold maker liquid according to the directions and pour it into the section that you want to create the mold of.

Amazing Mold Maker being used to create a mold to repair a broken mirror frame.
Amazing Mold Maker being used to create a mold for a broken mirror frame.

Once the mold is set, remove it from the frame. Mix your Plaster of Paris and pour it into the mold. We left it for a few days to ensure that the Plaster of Paris was completely set before easing it out of the mold.

Plaster of Paris used to repair a broken mirror frame.
Plaster of Paris is used to fix a broken mirror frame.

Use sanding tools to sand down any edges where there is extra Plaster of Paris until the piece fits nicely into the frame.

a broken mirror frame being fixed using Plaster of Paris.
Plaster of Paris was used to create the missing piece from a mirror frame.

Glue the Plaster of Paris piece into the frame using E-6000 glue. Once the glue is dry, you can paint your frame.

A missing piece of a mirror frame was replaced using a mold and Plaster of Paris
A broken mirror frame was fixed using a homemade mold and Plaster of Paris.

Here are the before and after pictures of the old mirror and the new mirror. The new mirror doesn’t go with the vanity or the lights, but that will all be replaced shortly too.

How to turn a modern bathroom into a one-of-a-kind bathroom for an historic house.

DIY bathroom projects

Recently, I found antique beadboard that was being pulled out of a church that we’ll be using to line the lower half of the walls. We also found a chandelier that we’ve repurposed into new lighting to hang above the mirror. I’ll be sharing that shortly.

I’ll show you the light that we’ve made for the ceiling of the bathroom though. It was an old cap (we have no idea what it was off) that we picked up from a warehouse sale for $10. Mike turned it into this light that is so much better than the ceiling light that was previously in the room. Once it stopped working it had to be thrown out and replaced.

how to turn a vehicle cap into a light fixture
A vehicle cap turned into a light fixture for a bathroom.

Check out the bathroom storage baskets that I put into the closet too.

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