How to Make Scarecrow Treat Jars for Kids

by Tonya Staab

These fun scarecrow treat jars are perfect for leftover Halloween candy and to put a fun treat out on the kids table for Thanksgiving.

Do you have any Halloween candy left? We still do, although I have no idea how. If you get loads of little bags of Whoppers or other chocolate covered candies like those, then this is a fun way to store them and gift them.

Marisol and I made these fun scarecrow treat jars recently. They make a great Thanksgiving gift for friends, family, and teachers.

canning jars made to look like scarecrows with chocolate ball treats inside

The step-by-step directions for making these fun scarecrow treat jars is over at The Centsible Life.

Looking for another version of these? Take a look at our Goldfish filled scarecrow treat jars too.

a small jar turned into a scarecrow and filled with goldfish crackers

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