These Scarecrow Jars are a Fun Fall Treat for Kids

by Tonya Staab
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These scarecrow treat jars for kids are perfect to fill with your kids favorite fall treat. We used leftover Halloween candy in one.

Disclosure: I’m sharing our fun Thanksgiving treats for kids as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #GoldfishCrowd

Thanksgiving is here!

Are you looking for a last-minute idea for the kids?

These mini scarecrow treat jars are perfect for the kids Thanksgiving table, as afternoon snacks, or to hand out to the neighborhood kids.

scarecrow canning jars filled with goldfish crackers
Scarecrow treat jar filled with Goldfish crackers.

Fall treat idea

These treat jars were inspired by some I made for The Centsible Life last fall using leftover Halloween candy.

Supplies needed to make scarecrow treat jars

  • 4oz canning jars
  • Goldfish® crackers
  • Paper baking cups – the narrower ones work best with the small canning jars
  • googly eyes
  • card stock – orange and black
  • glue stick and scissors

Instructions to make scarecrow treat jars

empty canning jars and goldfish crackers
Fall craft project with canning jars.

Fill your canning jars with Goldfish crackers.

small jars filled with goldfish crackers
Canning jars filled with Goldfish crackers.

Place the paper baking cup on top of the jar and secure the lid over the top. This is why the narrower baking cups work better because the regular size will hang down too low.

a canning jar filled with goldfish crackers and a green cupcake liner inside it
Cupcake liners inside the lid of a canning jar.

Attach the googly eyes using a glue stick.

And then cut out a nose and mouth from the card stock and attach those using the glue stick too.

Note: the reason we use a glue stick is that it’s easier for the recipient to remove these from the jar later and re-use the jar for something else.

a fall treat jar turned into a scarecrow and filled with goldfish crackers
Scarecrow treat jar for kids.

Goldfish crackers are a great snack that kids love to eat and play with so they will love these little jars as a gift, or place setting at the Thanksgiving table. And Goldfish seasonal crackers add some extra fun around the holidays with a fun look for a snack your children already love.

Do you have any Halloween candy left? We still do, although I have no idea how. If you get loads of little bags of Whoppers or other chocolate-covered candies like those, then this is a fun way to store them and gift them.

scarecrow treat jar for fall treat
A scarecrow treat jar filled with leftover Halloween candy.

Marisol and I made these fun scarecrow treat jars recently. They make a great Thanksgiving gift for friends, family, and teachers. The step-by-step directions for making these fun scarecrow treat jars are over at The Centsible Life.

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