I’ve been giving Jay’s bedroom a makeover.

Teenage bedroom decorating ideas
I used to make it over more often when he was younger and his interests were changing, however the last time I re-decorated it was in 2009, you can see that bedroom makeover here. I did that one when we were living in Monterey. We’ve been living back in San Diego for nearly two years though and I noticed that he never did put the orange and blue decor back into his bedroom. He’d outgrown it.  So some of the blue went to Flynn’s bedroom and some of the orange to Marisol’s bedroom. I’m working on upcycling and painting some of the other pieces.

He’s been asking for a while if I could makeover his bedroom.  He wanted something a little more mature and decided to use a tiger print blanket (that I’d received at BlogHer a few years ago, I think) as a guide for the colors. I noticed that he really started thinking about this before Christmas when he asked our family in Australia to buy him a new chair for his bedroom as a gift, that we had found at Ikea. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money though on his bedroom makeover so it took me a while to come up with exactly what I wanted to do so that I could re-use existing pieces that we had in our house as much as possible.

Teen boy bedroom makeover

The most important thing before we got started was for me to try hard not to take over this project and decorate how I would want it (which is very difficult for me), but to sit down with him and let him choose the bedding and get his input on things that are important to him.  I was able to have some input though, especially on the small things such as I advised not having entirely black bedding but breaking it up with a couple more colors, but still keeping with the color scheme. Some of the things he really wanted were:

  • Sophisticated style, but using the tiger print blanket as a guide for the color scheme
  • Black plush bedding
  • Photographs and prints on his wall
  • Somewhere to display his hats
  • Candles
  • Increase the walking space around his furniture and chairs
  • Make sure he could still see his television from the bed or his chair so that his head wouldn’t be turning constantly (and he wouldn’t get kinks in his neck)

Anna’s Linens came to the rescue recently when they offered me a gift card to go shopping in one of their stores. So, I had him take a look at the Anna’s Linens website and pick out new bedding. He sent me a few ideas of sets he loved and I headed out to a local store to see what was available and to feel the materials. We settled on a black Microplush Black Mini Comforter Set. He prefers comforters to be in a king size as opposed to a queen (which is his bed size), and thankfully this one came with two shams that fit his existing large pillow perfectly, and he now has a spare. 

I also found a set of taupe standard pillow cases for the other two pillows on his bed, and last (but not least) two Cut Faux Fur Decorative Pillows in ivory. He already had taupe sheets on his bed, so we kept those.  The total cost of linens came to a little over $60, and if you aren’t already aware, Anna’s Linens offer a 10% military discount.

We turned his bed around so it is now running parallel with his window.  We didn’t think this would fit because he has a desk and television stand on the opposite wall (and briefly considered moving his desk into one side of his large closet), but it ended up fitting in perfectly and it really opened up his bedroom.

Next I purchased him a small side table, which is something we couldn’t fit next to his bed before (and there were many spilled drinks on the floor).  I’ve been slowly putting pictures on the walls around the house over the past couple of years and remembered that I had two large dark wood frames in the garage that were once in Flynn’s bedroom (we’d initially purchased them for the twins 1st birthday party).  These matched perfectly with his new chair and I thought they’d look great above his bed, so I printed out photographs of family, friends, and his girlfriend, in black and white – he had to have final approval on all photographs of course.

Teenager bedroom decor
Also in the garage was a lamp that my dad had hand-carved for me when I was still living in Australia, and that I had been lugging around (and storing in garage’s) for years.  I finally purchased a re-wiring kit for it and had my husband re-wire it to fit power points here (instead of Australia).  I found an ivory lampshade that was perfect for it and Jay’s thrilled with the softer lighting in his bedroom now, instead of using the bright overhead lights on the ceiling. 

Teenage boy bedroom makeover
His bedroom is still a work-in-progress though. This past weekend we installed a set of three shelves on the wall above the chair, which he’s now displaying his favorite hats on. Next I want to sand and paint his desk and television stand, and stain the wood blades on his ceiling fan so that they match the darker wood accents we’ve included in his bedroom.  He would also like to obtain a large print of where he grew up in Australia for the wall opposite his bed, and there are other accessories he has his eye on that I think will end up on birthday and Christmas wish lists.

I’ll be sure to update here as I complete each project.  For now though, he’s thrilled with the progress.

Disclosure: Anna’s Linens provided me with a gift card to purchase bed linens.

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