We seem to be on the go with the kids a lot, whether it be extra-curricular activities, road trips, hiking, or traveling.  One thing we try to ensure is that our kids have healthy snacks when they are on the go.

I'm guest posting over at Military Travel Mama with my tips, I hope you'll pop over for a little inspiration.

Travel Snacks

The lunch/snack bags were handmade.  Find out how, here.

I've been asked about the re-usable snack bags.  I purchased a set off Etsy, they are fantastic for snacks, but are marketed as produce bags, which is what I also use them for instead of using plastic bags at the grocery store.


Speaking of inspiration.  If you are in a bit of funk with your writing, I've written a guest post at Indie Biz Chicks: Finding Inspiration for Blog Posts

I hope it gives you a few ideas.

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