Let’s get the kids to un-plug and play this summer.

Pick a theme and organize a day around it.  Here are our tips for a fun dress up and play Where’s Waldo? day.

Have a fun Where's Waldo day with activities, food, and geocaching #unplug2play
Our fun Where’s Waldo? day began with the kids dressing up in costumes (Flynn as Waldo, and Marisol as Wenda) that we had purchased from Costume Express.

Earlier in the week Marisol and I had been to the local craft store and purchased 1.5 yards of blackout fabric (normally used for window furnishings) and a roll of red Duck tape. We whipped up a quick photo booth backdrop in a matter of minutes by running strips of the tape over the blackout fabric to create red and white stripes. I found some large red and white letters amongst my craft supplies to spell out Where’s Waldo?.

We then purchased a Where’s Waldo? activity book and giant poster book which contained a couple of fun cut-outs.

We set up a party table outside, with lots of fun snack foods and drinks, which the kids enjoyed while they lay on a blanket and completed pages out of the activity book, and searched for Waldo and Wenda in each of the posters in the poster book.

Where's Waldo party table

The kids loved the Where’s Waldo? costume so much that they’ve requested the Woof costume for Sparky for Halloween so they can all dress-up for trick-or-treating.

Where is Waldo costume

We had lots of yummy treats including bottles of milk with mini donuts, red velvet cake, cherries, popcorn, marshmallows and yogurt covered raisins.

Where's Waldo party food

And the kids absolutely love the activity book. Shh, just don’t tell them they are doing something educational, it’s our little secret, okay!

Where's Waldo activities for kids

To end of our fun Where’s Waldo? day, we needed to burn off some of those treats, and what says Where’s Waldo? better than a treasure hunt.

Not just any treasure hunt though. We had never been geocaching before, and it was on my bucket list for this year, so I thought what a great opportunity to do something fun with the kids that tied in so perfectly with our Where’s Waldo? themed day. We purchased a small Where’s Waldo? hiking toy on-line and downloaded the Geocaching app onto my iPhone. I found a short, but strenuous hike for us that lead to a geocaching container large enough to put our toy in, and off we went. Flynn was the one who ended up spotting the container, he was so excited. The kids chose a little toy to pop into our fairy garden at home and placed our hiking Waldo inside. We sealed it up and concealed it once more. It would be so fun if whoever finds Waldo pops him into another geocaching container to keep him moving around.

Geocaching for kids

Costume Express are offering free shipping with purchases over $75, and a 15% off coupon with email sign up. You may want to get in early for Halloween, or simply purchase a fun costume for your kids to play dress up.

Also keep up-to-date with Costume Express here:

  • Costume Express website
  • Twitter – and hashtag #Unplug2Play


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Summer Davis July 21, 2013 - 8:35 pm

I LOVE your photobooth back ground! It’s crazy how much they blend in to it! I’m also jonesing for the milk with the cookie on top. Is that for real? Can you send me one? nom nom nom!

I thought about doing geocaching with my 11 year old. I downloaded apps and just never did a single darned thing! He goes to year round school and we have time “off” every 9 weeks at the least. I should try it for his next break.

Tonya Staab July 24, 2013 - 7:47 am

It’s actually a mini doughnut on top of the milk, they were very yummy :).

You should definitely try it. It was on my bucket list this year and the kids first time doing it too, and they loved it.

Tonya Staab July 25, 2013 - 8:26 pm

Kristin, the cut-outs were in the back of the giant Where’s Waldo poster book.

Kristin July 25, 2013 - 6:18 pm

So cute! My daughter is having a where’s Waldo themed 4th birthday party coming up! Where did you find the Waldo cutouts?


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