I know, it's only autumn. The leaves are still falling and changing color, we haven't made it through Halloween yet, but I'm still thinking about the holidays.

And the holiday season and home entertaining goes hand-in-hand around here. Which of course means cocktails. You know I love a good cocktail, right?!

How about a ginger pomegranate cocktail? It's light, refreshing, and perfect for serving with appetizers as your guests arrive.

A Ginger-Pomegranate Cocktail for the Holidays #CRIOSinspires #ad

Serving: ingredients per glass


Step 1:

Pop your ice in a glass.

A Ginger-Pomegranate Cocktail for the Holidays #CRIOSinspires #ad

Step 2:

Add about 1/3 cup of ginger ale.

A Ginger-Pomegranate Cocktail for the Holidays #CRIOSinspires #ad

Step 3:

Top with Crios Rosé of Malbec.

A Ginger-Pomegranate Cocktail for the Holidays #CRIOSinspires #ad

Step 4:

Garnish with pomegranate arils.

A Ginger-Pomegranate Cocktail for the Holidays #CRIOSinspires #ad




  • Inspirational message of the wine: Look at life differently
  • Life lesson and tasting notes: Susana Balbo, Argentina’s leading and most innovative winemaker, revolutionized the face of Malbec by taking a classic red wine and imagining something new.
    • Curiosity led Susana to make and ingenious Rosé of Malbec, a one-of-a-kind dry wine filled with notes of wild strawberry, red cherry, and hints of spice.
  • Pairing: Chicken and spicy Asian foods
  • Brief descriptors: Vibrant, dry and full-bodied


Crios is a family-owned brand by Susana Balbo, Argentina's leading and most innovative winemaker.

Crios in Spanish means “offspring” and was created by Susana as a tribute to her son, José, and daughter, Ana. Nowadays, Susana’s children have joined the family business and add their young-adult point of view to the wines that are dedicated to their family bond.

Crios wines are harvested from specific areas in Mendoza and Salta in Argentina, where grapes are optimal for the fruit-forward style of Crios.

Contrary to many entry level brands, Crios wines have a background, a story behind. Each wine carries an inspirational message that also represents either a milestone in Susana’s personal and professional life or the story about how the wine was made.

A Ginger-Pomegranate Cocktail for the Holidays #CRIOSinspires #ad


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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1 comment

Marianne October 19, 2015 - 4:15 am

That cocktail sounds so yummy! I love rosé…
In the “About Crios Rosé of Malbec” You describe Cab Sav….what’s the description for Rosé? I got curious about this one
Thank you! Keep on with those cool recipes.


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