Bathroom Storage Baskets with DIY Organization Labels

by Tonya Staab

Check out our bathroom storage baskets with custom DIY wood bathroom organization labels. Your bathroom closet will be organized in no time.

Bathroom Storage Baskets

We found these white bathroom storage baskets at Target. Our bathroom closet has two shelves above the main shelf that we use to store towels and we are able to fit three baskets on each shelf.

White bathroom closet with shelves and white baskets with chalkboard organization labels.
A bathroom closet with storage baskets and DIY chalkboard organization labels.

Bathroom Organization Labels


  • White hard plastic baskets
  • Mini chalkboard signs
  • White fine point Sharpie
  • Letter stencils
Wood chalkboard, a white Sharpie, and letter stencils to make bathroom organization labels.
Supplies needed to make DIY wood bathroom organization labels.


The first step is to decide how many storage baskets you need, and then what you are going to put in each.

These are the label names that I came up with for ours:

  • Sniffles and aches – for all medicines
  • Cuts and scrapes – bandaids and bandages
  • Bath time – soap, bath bombs, bubble bath
  • Skincare – moisturisers, body lotions, suncare
  • First aid – first aid kit, heat and ice packs, thermometers
  • Just breathe – Asthma inhalers, spacers, pulmonary function testing
A Sharpie and a letter stencil being used to make chalkboard bathroom organization labels.
Use a Sharpie and a stencil to make chalkboard bathroom organization labels.

Using a white fine-point Sharpie and a letter stencil, stencil the chalkboard labels for your bathroom storage baskets.

Hot glue being used to attach chalkboard bathroom organization labels to storage baskets.
Attach bathroom organization labels to the baskets using hot glue.

Attach the bathroom organization labels to the storage baskets using hot glue. Press on them for a few seconds to make sure they stick properly.

White plastic baskets used for storage in a bathroom closet with DIY chalkboard labels.

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