How to Paint Silver Curtain Holdbacks

by Tonya Staab
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Transform a pair of vintage-looking curtain holdbacks with a little spray paint. We’ll show you how easy it is.

vintage inspired curtain holdbacks with a decorative end

On one of my recent thrift store shopping days, I found a lovely pair of curtain holdbacks for $5 (for the pair).

I had been on the lookout for almost a year for a set that came straight out of the wall with a decorative end. The ‘U’ shaped ones at most big box stores look cheap and tacky to me.

I loved the look of these and they were the exact size and shape I was looking for, and I definitely couldn’t pass them up for only $5. The only problem is they were a little too silver and too shiny.

I painted them using Krylon Rust Protector in Satin Ivory. By painted them, I mean I very lightly ‘spritzed’ over them with the thinnest coat of paint. I wanted them to have a worn, vintage look, but still see some of the silver.

Painted curtain holdbacks in white and silver.

For my San Diego friends, I found the curtain holdbacks at Treasures & Beyond in Poway. It’s one of my favorite resale stores in the area. There are eight or so thrift and re-sale stores in this location and I’ve never left empty-handed.

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