Handmade Bangle Holder from a Child’s Toy

by Tonya Staab
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It’s easy to organize your jewelry with these handmade typeset tray and bangle holders. All you need is a couple of items from a thrift store and paint. 

Each time I pull another box or bag out of the garage, unpack it and decorate another small space in our house it makes me smile.

It’s a long, slow process, between juggling kids, homework, housework, work, and the few hours a night I try to sleep.

I finally got around to decorating a section of our bedroom last weekend. I also made a fun DIY project for it.

handmade silver bangle holder made out of wood

One day I will take photographs of the entire room … once I’ve finished unpacking.

handmade organizers for jewelry in a bedroom

You will find my instructions on how to make this bangle holder over at The Centsible Life.

I think it’s a lovely accompaniment to the jewelry organizer I made a few years ago.

typeset tray jewelry organizer

This little corner of my bedroom makes me happy.

a black chest drawers topped with candle sticks, photo frames and jewelry
candlesticks, photo frames, and a jewelry organizer on top of a black cabinet

If you have links or photographs of your own bedroom decor I’d love to see them, I’m still looking for ideas on how to decorate the rest of the space.

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