My kids have been back to school for a few weeks now but others are only just starting this week. Are you packing lunches, or are your kids buying them from the school cafeteria?

My kids are super picky when it comes to school lunches so I pack homemade lunches almost every day. Only twice has my daughter wanted to purchase from the school cafeteria, but her brother insists that I make lunch every day for him.

I like to make their lunches fun when possible, but we all know some mornings are more difficult than others. So whether it be a bento style lunch, or just leaving little notes or jokes in their lunch box to make them giggle or smile they always know that I'm thinking about them.

Lunch box labels

Over at Rusty and Rosy I've rounded up a list of the best lunchbox labels, printables and ideas on what to write on them.


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