DIY Chicken Coop Door Wreath

by Tonya Staab
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Decorating your chicken coop is almost as fun as your home. Make this DIY egg wreath for your chicken coop door or a fun Easter craft.

A couple of years ago I made a simple DIY evergreen front door wreath over at Make and Takes. It hung on our day for as long as we lived in California. By the time we had relocated to Kentucky, I had accumulated a few more wreaths that clutter my office.

How to make a DIY chicken coop door wreath

This wreath combined with wooden eggs that I had ordered, (but then never used) for Easter crafts last year made the perfect egg wreath for our chicken coop.

A yellow and white garden shed with a blue roof that has been turned into a chicken coop. There is a handmade egg wreath hanging on the door.


  • Basic round stick wreath
  • Greenery (if your wreath doesn’t already have any)
  • Wood eggs
  • Spray paint – I used vintage pink, blue, beige, and white
  • Hot glue


You can find my full tutorial to make an evergreen wreath at Make and Takes.

A simple round door wreath made with greenery and a stick circle

Once you have your basic green wreath together, the next step is to spray paint your wooden eggs.

Wooden eggs painted beige, white, blue, and pink to make a door wreath.

Using a hot glue gun, attach the eggs around the wreath. I also glued a few of the leaves to the eggs to make sure they held in place and added more greenery than the initial tutorial had.

a pink wood egg painted and attached to an evergreen front door wreath
A green leaf and wood egg wreath hanging on a chicken coop door.
a yellow chicken coop converted from a garden shed

This project makes a great Easter craft too. Make one to hang on your own front door.

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