DIY Custom Dollhouse Wood Flooring

by Tonya Staab

If you need dollhouse flooring ideas, we show you how to make custom DIY dollhouse wood flooring. It’s easier than you think and looks great.

a dollhouse with wood flooring and diy furniture and stairs
Make your own faux wood flooring for your dollhouse.

Dollhouse wood flooring

No matter what size of dollhouse you have, you can use our dollhouse wood flooring instructions to make custom flooring for each room. You can stain it in different colors, keep it uniform throughout, and we’ll also show you how to use the same materials to make bathroom and kitchen faux tiling too that flows from room to room.


  • Dollhouse
  • Craft ply (wood) – we purchased 3mm x 12″ x 24″ sheets from the hardware store
  • Ruler
  • Saw (for cutting the wood sheets to size)
  • Scratch awl (or anything else that you have that can make a groove in the wood)
  • Wood stain
  • E-6000 glue


The below photo shows the basic dollhouse we started with that we purchased from an antique and collectibles store.

The inside of a basic wood dollhouse that needs to be decorated.
A basic dollhouse waiting to be decorated and have new flooring installed.

The first step is to measure the floors in each of the rooms, and then use a saw to cut the wood to size.

craft ply wood being cut using a saw to make flooring for a dollhouse
Cut craft ply with a saw to make wood flooring for your dollhouse.

Using a scratch awl and a ruler, make grooves all the way down the craft ply.

Grooves being made in wood using a ruler and a scratch awl tool
Use a scratch awl tool and ruler to make grooves in the wood flooring.

Turn the wood around and make grooves going in the other direction to resemble floorboards.

Make faux wood floorboards for a dollhouse using craft play and a scratch awl tool.

Now you are ready to stain your wood. Apply the stain to the grooves first and leave that on for 5 to 10 minutes because you want that color to be darker. Apply the stain to the rest of the wood, and wipe off – time will depend on how light or dark you want the flooring.

Note: Set aside a sample piece or two of the wood (with grooves) to try out different stains and lengths of time to leave them on until you get the look that you want.

Stain your faux craft ply wood to make it look like wood flooring.
Faux floorboards for a dollhouse with sample stain colors.

Next, we glued the wood flooring down to the existing floor using E-600 glue. Then, we added a small piece of stained wood to each of the doorways as a transition strip.

DIY wood flooring and faux tiles for a dollhouse dining room and kitchen.

The final step was to add a little stain to the outside edge of the wood flooring along with the existing dollhouse flooring.

easy dollhouse flooring ideas
Dollhouse wood flooring and tile ideas.

More dollhouse flooring ideas

In the above image you can see that we also added tile to the bathroom/laundry room and the kitchen as well.

We purchased Mayberry Street Miniatures Black & White Octagon Tile Floor and glued it down to the same craft ply that we used to make the wood flooring. You can also use scrapbook paper to do the same thing.

More dollhouse ideas

If you are looking for more dollhouse ideas I’ll be adding to this list as I add more posts in the future:

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