Harper Kids: How To Make Watercolor Umbrella Cards

by Tonya Staab

Watercolor umbrella cards paired with the wonderful children’s books Dear Boy and Dear Girl are the perfect weekend activity for parents to do with their children.

We had so much rain of late it was wonderful. Living in Southern California close to the desert means it’s hot and dry a lot of the time, but we were blessed with so much rainfall that the wildflowers went crazy and we had a super bloom which brought people in droves to the area to witness it. I sure hope it happens a lot more often … not the influx of people, but the beautiful colors and blooms covering the earth.

I’m over at Harper Kids today showing you how to make watercolor umbrella cards inspired by the wonderful books Dear Boy, and Dear Girl, so head on over and see what M and I put together. This will make a wonderful weekend project to do with the kids over story time, and they get to send their cards to someone special afterward.

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