• Whole wheat bread
  • Cheese slices
  • Pesto

How to make:

Using a shamrock cookie cutter, cut the bread and cheese.  On one slice of bread spread a layer of pesto.  Place cheese in-between slices.  Put a thin layer of butter on the outside of the sandwich and grill until bread begins to brown and cheese starts to melt.

This idea came from Kiddio who last week tweeted that she had made Pesto and Grilled Cheese sandwiches.  I saved that tweet because I was in the car at the time, sent it to my gmail account, stopped at the store and picked up ingredients and made it the next day.  It was SOOOOO good.  The kids loved it too, so I decided to make a shamrock version for St. Patrick’s Day.


I posted the link for the recipe here, but here it is again.  These were delicious.  I even cooked the corned beef for the first time.  It was super easy and tasted great.


I served our sandwiches with Veggie Sticks from Trader Joe’s.  So good.

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Sally's World March 18, 2009 - 5:00 pm

yum…I’m gonna get fat, and its your fault!!!


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