3 Simple Holiday Snack Ideas for Kids

by Tonya Staab

These three holiday snack ideas for kids are perfect for all of your Christmas celebrations and so easy kids can make them.

We made it through Thanksgiving!

This one was a little rough though because it was the first time in 11 years the kids and I weren’t together for the Thanksgiving weekend. So, I hopped on a plane and spent the weekend with Mike and his kids. But, my kids are home again, and we are settling into the holiday season. The Christmas decorations have been pulled out of the garage, we’ve picked a day to go to the farm to cut down a Christmas tree, and the preparations and family fun have commenced.

If you are looking for simple activities and snacks for the kids this holiday season, I’ve put together three. These are so easy the kids can make them, share them with their friends, or even give them as gifts.

Festive Christmas Snack Mix

The first one I made is a really simple snack mix with a few of their favorite things including Goldfish Cheddar Colors, kettlecorn, yogurt covered raisins, and yogurt covered pretzels.  It makes the perfect snack for family movie nights, craft time, play dates with friends, or put it into a pretty jar and give it as gifts.

Christmas Tree Snack Tray

The next snack option is a fun Christmas tree tray filled with green Goldfish Cheddar Colors, with red Goldfish ‘tinsel’, and a yellow Goldfish ‘star’.

This one is perfect for a holiday table or party.

Christmas Tree Snack Bags

And, lastly, these Christmas tree treat bags make the perfect gift for friends this holiday season. Kids will love making them and giving them out.

All you need are the disposable decorating bags that are used for piping icing and a little twine to tie up the bags once they are filled.

Goldfish crackers are the perfect addition to your holiday celebrations and family fun. They are always baked with real cheese, and contain no artificial flavors or preservatives.

You can learn more about Goldfish crackers, and get some more great holiday ideas here:

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