Pottery for Kids: A Handmade Clay Succulent Planter

by Tonya Staab
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Whether you are looking for a rainy day project or a craft kit gift for a child, you will love the Pottery Cool kit.

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It’s no secret that I cannot keep a plant alive. Kids, sure. Plants, not a chance. I love them way too much. I plant cute little succulents in bowls and tubs and BAM, two weeks later, I’ve loved them to death.  Although, surprisingly the thyme I put in a pot by the front door is still alive after 4 weeks, and actually thriving.

But, my misadventures in planting haven’t stopped Marisol from asking if she can have succulents in her bedroom. She also wants tea light candles too (of course I’m only allowing the battery-operated ones for now). She’s ten and is becoming more addicted to Pinterest. She spends a lot of time researching bedroom decor, re-decorating her space, and asking for slightly more grown-up looking items.

So when I was sent the Pottery Cool craft kit I asked her what she wanted to make. We jumped on Pinterest together to take a look at a few bedroom ideas and she decided on a small succulent container so she could put a plant on her desk.

I think she did a fantastic job. And since making this she’s also made a small tealight candle holder to match that she poked holes in so the light would shine through.

The Pottery Cool kit is really easy to use and easy to clean up. It’s real pottery that your kids can actually do themselves. Once you’ve assembled it (which takes just a matter of minutes), you simply place a clay disk onto the turntable, gently spray it with water and watch it spin and take shape in your hands. Once finished, trim off the excess clay, popping it into a bag and sealing it so you can use it later and it doesn’t dry out.

How To Use The Pottery Cool Craft Kit

Leave your creations to air-dry overnight, and then they are ready to get creative.

Marisol decided she wanted two colors on her pot to match her bedroom decor. So after painting the first color, and letting it dry, we wrapped washi tape around it so she could paint the second color.

Once the project was completely dry we applied an outdoor Mod Podge to the inside and outside of the container to seal it from water when she sprayed her plant.

Once completely dry, pop in a little succulent and you are done!

Take a look at these great “How to Videos”, which are a great resource with helpful tips and tricks

Pottery Cool will make such a great gift for the holiday’s that lets your little artist explore their creative side, and can be purchased at Walmart.

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