The Best Food Ideas for Beach Theme Parties

by Tonya Staab

Do you need fun food for kids for beach theme parties this summer? We’ve got fun ocean snacks, under-the-sea party food ideas, and more!

Food for beach theme parties

Mermaid snack mix

snack mix for kids for an under the sea party with pink goldfish, popcorn and blue bubble candy
Yummy mermaid munch snack mix inside ombre mermaid tubs.

Craft an ombre mermaid snack tub and fill it with a yummy mermaid munch snack mix. This is perfect for summer parties or a mermaid movie night with the kids.

Halos mandarin fish

fish food craft using Halos mandarins
A cute orange fish made using a Halos mandarin.

This mandarin fish is so cute! We also show you how to make a mandarin sailboat too. These are delicious healthy ocean snacks that are perfect for beach or under-the-sea-themed parties this summer.

Ocean mocktail float

ocean mocktail drink for an under the sea party

This non-alcoholic ocean mocktail float with a fish leaping out over the waves of ice cream is such a fun idea for summer celebrations. There’s a delicious under-the-sea-themed snack mix that goes with it too.

Tip: Use Goldfish crackers of different colors to match your party theme.

Mermaid fairy bread

mermaid fairy bread for mermaid parties
Yummy mermaid fairy bread is perfect for your under-the-sea-themed party

This Aussie loves making themed fairy bread for parties and this mermaid tail fairy bread is so easy to make and delicious. They are perfect for your summer beach party or under-the-sea party. Details to make our mermaid party treats are on Lady and the Blog.

Beach Jell-O treats

Blue Jell-O cups topped with white chocolate starfish and and cracker sand.
Beach-themed Jell-O treats are perfect for beach theme parties this summer.

These fun beach-themed Jell-O cups are so much fun. I made these for the Storybook Summer series at Make and Takes. You need to make them for your under-the-sea and beach parties this summer.

Under-the-sea party food

under the sea them party food including octopus sandwiches, cupcakes, white chocolate starfish, and cookie pearl shells
These under-the-sea party food ideas are so much fun!

These fun under-the-sea part food ideas might have been made for a Little Mermaid party, but they are perfect for any beach party too. Use candy molds to make all kinds of ocean creatures to put on top of the cupcakes instead of the toys.

Seahorse cake

A delicious cake covered in greed seawood icing, topped with crushed graham crackers and a tiny seahorse.
A simple beach themed seahorse cake that’s perfect for an under-the-sea party.

I made this fun beach themed seahorse cake for a graduation party when the twins’ were in preschool. It is so easy to make and perfect for your next under-the-sea party.

Easy fish treat cups

easiest dr seuss one fish two fish party treats
Blue Jell-O and blue M&M’s make a colorful ocean for these fun fish treat cups.

These two fish treat cups are the easiest party treat you can make for your under-the-sea or beach-themed party this summer.

Penguin and starfish fun food for kids

penguin lunch box fun food for kids
A penguin shaped sandwich and starfish shaped fruit are perfect beach party treats.

This may be a fun penguin-themed lunch for kids to enjoy, but you can use these ideas for your beach party too. Cut out starfish fruit, make penguin sandwiches, and we’ve already shown you above how to top Jell-O cups.

More under the sea party ideas

If you are looking for fun craft and party ideas for your under-the-sea or beach-themed party, we’ve got those too!

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