DIY Scrapbooks and Journals for Kids

by Tonya Staab

Encourage your kids to preserve memories, sketch, and write in journals with these DIY scrapbooks and journals for kids to make and keep.

DIY scrapbooks and journals

Cereal box journals

Journals for kids made out of cereal boxes with scrapbook paper letters on the front.
Journals made out of cereal boxes for kids to write and draw in.

How to Read a Book by Kwame Alexander is a wonderful read for kids. After you’ve read it, have the kids make their own handmade cereal box journals. They can start writing and illustrating their own book with your help. I have all the details to make these over at Harper Kids.

Summer journals and bucket list ideas

diy summer journal and bucket list book for kids
Homemade summer journal and bedroom decorating books for kids.

Used school workbooks can be upcycled into journals for kids to use throughout the year for everything from drawing pads to notebooks, and so much more. I’ve got all the details on how to make your own upcycled school workbook journals at 5 Minutes for Mom.

Spring memory books

spring memory books that were made out of foam and paper for kids to keep spring break memories in.
Spring memory books made by kids out of foam sheets and paper.

These foam spring memory books are perfect for kids to write notes in, add photos, keep dried flowers, and more. It’s a great way for them to document their springtime memories. You can find my full tutorial over at Multiples and More. We have another fun spring scrapbook for toddlers that you should check out too.

Chipboard memory books

Make memory books for kids using chipboard and paper.
Memory books for kids made out of chipboard and paper.

These chipboard memory books are so easy to make. The best part is you can continue adding as many pages as you like. We used these for the kids to put special stickers they were given at school along with the little things they collected such as tickets from shows or movies.

Photo scrapbooks for kids

photo scrapbook for kids
A photo scrapbook for kids to document memories and give to someone special.

This photo scrapbook for kids is the perfect way for them to document their favorite things to do and fun memories. They can keep it themselves, or give it to someone special.

Travel scrapbook album

a chipboard scrapbook album made out of chipboard

This travel scrapbook album is the perfect way for kids to document a special trip. They can attach tickets, photos, passes, maps, coloring pages from restaurants, and so much more.

Field notes journal

explorer kit for kids
Make an explorer kit for kids with a field notes journal to take outdoors.

This explorer kit complete with a field notes journal is a great way to get kids outdoors. Have them draw pictures of what they see, take notes, press flowers, do leaf rubbings, and more.

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