How to Make a Memories Scrapbook for a Gift

by Tonya Staab
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Show your appreciation for someone special in your life with a homemade memories scrapbook. It makes the perfect gift to show you care.

Mike has been very hands-on with the kids since we started dating. We often joke about how similar our parenting style is. We both strive to get the kids outdoors as much as possible, and teach them life skills along the way.

I thought it would be nice to make a memory book to thank him for all he’s done with the kids, and how much they appreciate him. We are going to build on it throughout the year and give it to him as a surprise … fingers crossed he doesn’t read this post, and if he does he’ll just have to pretend to be surprised.

How to make a memories scrapbook

a homemade memories scrapbook to be given as a gift.
Make a memories scrapbook for someone special that shows all of the fun times you have had together.

Note: This project was initially created for Hewlett Packard’s MyPrintly website however that site is no longer. You can still find the video however on the Hewlett Packard YouTube channel.


  • HP Envy Photo 7855
  • HP Everyday Photo Paper
  • Album – we used a chipboard album that contains blank pages and photo pockets.
  • Stickers
  • Tape


Print your favorite memories on HP photo paper using the HP Envy Photo Printer 7855.

Tape photos into place using decorative tape, and then add stickers with the date the memory happened, and anything else that makes you smile.

photos, washi tape, and stickers with an album to make a memories scrapbook
Photos attached to a memory book using washi tape with the dates labeled.

It’s really that simple. You can build on this memory book throughout the year and give it to them as a gift for their birthday, the holidays, or any other special day when you want to make them smile. These make a great gift for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day too.

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