Things to Do on a Day Trip to Creelsboro in Kentucky

by Tonya Staab
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Are you planning a day trip to visit the Creelsboro Rockhouse Natural Arch? Here are more things you need to see and do while in the area.

creelsboro kentucky historical sign
The history of Creelsboro, Kentucky.

Things to do near the Rockhouse Natural Arch

Knowing my love of bridges, Mike recently surprised me with a day trip to Creelsboro. Not only did we get to explore the Rockhouse Natural Arch, but we also went on a short 16-minute drive to see the Greasy Creek Bridge too.

Handmade wood directional sign for locations outside Creelsboro Kentucky
Directional sign with places to visit outside Creelsboro, Kentucky.

Creelsboro natural arch “The Rockhouse”

a photo of the Creelsboro natural arch known as the Rockhouse
The Creelsboro Natural Bridge known as the Rockhouse.

This natural bridge is located on private land, but is easily accessible. Across the road from the Creelsboro Country Store you will see a sign (pictured above) which directs you to the area.

Creelsboro rockhouse natural bridge
The Creelsboro Rockhouse Natural Bridge.

From the parking area, there is a short trail that ends at a rocky ledge (pictured below). If the water isn’t high, you’ll be able to make your way across to go underneath the arch to the Cumberland River. Thankfully on the day we went it wasn’t high, and although there was water, we were able to jump across to get to the other side.

A rocky ledge that leads to the creelsboro natural arch
Climb down the rock ledge and cross the water to go underneath the rock house.

This is the kind of place you will want to go back to through the changing seasons. Spring was just starting to make an appearance when we were there. I would love to see it though once everything is green and wildflowers are blooming. Fall would be an amazing time to visit too.

parking at the creelsboro rockhouse
The parking area near the Creelsboro Rock Arch.

Creelsboro Country Store

The Creelsboro Country Store in Kentucky.
Visit the Creelsboro Country store for shopping and delicious food.

The Creelsboro Country Store is a great place to stop for lunch. The service is friendly, the food is delicious, and they have a lot of local products that you will want to buy and take home.

We enjoyed potato soup, a country ham sandwich, and pulled pork on a baked potato for lunch. They even had our favorite bottled sodas (Double Cola and Cream Soda) too. If you are still hungry, they have hand-dipped ice cream as well.

We also picked up scone mix and bourbon apple butter to take home with us.

Where to stay near the Rockhouse

A very short drive from the Rockhouse is the Winfrey’s Ferry Boat Ramp. Alongside the end of the boat ramp, you will find the Dreamer’s Cabin overlooking both the boat ramp and Cumberland River. Although we haven’t stayed there yet, we did take down the number to call the next time we are in the area because the location couldn’t have been more perfect and the cabin looked like such a peaceful place to stay in. Alternatively, check out my post about staying at Lake Cumberland.

Greasy Creek bridge

Greasy Creek bridge off Old Highway 127 near Jamestown.

About 15-minutes from the Creelsboro Country Store are more bridges near Jamestown that are worth taking a look at. There are three of them. You might even see waterfalls too. The oldest bridge is on Old Highway 127 (Old US 127 Loop No 1 Rd, Kentucky 42629). Turn off Hwy 127 onto Old Hwy 127 and then turn right just after crossing the bridge to go down to the old bridge. Unfortunately we couldn’t cross the old bridge because someone was camping on the other side, but the bridges are amazing.

Highway 127 bridges at Jamestown Kentucky
Highway 127 bridges near Jamestown Kentucky.
Old Hwy 127 Greasy Creek bridge near Jamestown Kentucky.
Old Hwy 127 Greasy Creek bridge.

From the old bridge we walked up to the bridge we crossed and took the first photo (above) and the shot below as well. You can see waterfalls in the distance.

waterfalls under hwy 127 bridge in Jamestown kentucky
Hwy 127 bridge with small waterfalls underneath.
small waterfalls over rocks in a creek near Jamestown Kentucky
Small waterfalls underneath a bridge near Jamestown Kentucky.

More things to do at Lake Cumberland

Are you looking for more fun things to do at Lake Cumberland while you are in the area? Take a look at these:

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