Easy Fall Cocktails to Sip on This Season

by Tonya Staab

Whether you are celebrating Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, or porch sitting while watching the leaves falling you’ll love these fall cocktails.

Fall cocktails

We recently celebrated Friendsgiving with friends we’ve met since moving to our small town. I wish I’d had more time to gather everything to make everyone these delicious cocktails but instead I sent my son off to pick up a bottle of vodka and another of cranberry mango juice. The cranberry might have added a touch of fall flavor, but these drinks would have been so much better.

Pomegranate pear cocktail

pomegranate pear cocktail
A pomegranate pear cocktail for the holidays.

This pomegranate and pear cocktail is perfect for holiday entertaining at home. My recipe to make homemade pear puree and this drink are available at Blissfully Domestic. Garnish your drink with fresh pomegranate arils, mint, and a pear slice. This cocktail is perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations.

Bourbon tangerine cocktail

tangerine bourbon cocktail recipe
A bourbon tangerine cocktail is perfect for sipping all autumn long.

This bourbon cocktail with tangerine and a fresh rosemary garnish is perfect for sipping on while watching the autumn leaves falling. It can also be served with appetizers for fall celebrations, Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving dinner parties.

Caramel pear cocktail

caramel pear cocktail for fall
This caramel pear cocktail needs to be served with a fall grazing board.

This smooth caramel pear cocktail is made with vodka and fresh pears making it the perfect cocktail to serve with a grazing board filled with cured meats, cheese, and dried fruit.

Ginger pomegranate cocktail

red rose malbec cocktail with pomegranate arils
A ginger pomegranate cocktail is perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

This ginger pomegranate cocktail is made with Rose of Malbec and fresh pomegranate arils with ginger ale. It’s light, refreshing and perfect to serve for Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations.

Autumn apple pie cocktail

creamy cocktail in a glass with apple and cinnamon stick garnishes
A creamy apple pie cocktail for autumn.

This creamy Autumn apple pie cocktail is perfect for getting cozy under the blanket by the fire this fall. Indulge after dinner with this delicious drink served with warm apple pie and ice cream.

Pear vodka cocktail

pear vodka cocktail
A pear vodka cocktail served with a fresh pear slice and dusted with cinnamon.

Serve this pear vodka cocktail with appetizers or a grazing board for your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving celebrations this fall. Garnish your drink with a fresh pear slice and dust cinnamon powder over the top. You will taste the flavors of fall with every sip of this delicious drink.

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