Celebrate Frankenstein Friday With Crafts and Fun Food

by Tonya Staab
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Celebrate Frankenstein Friday with these fun crafts and food ideas that are perfect for a movie night or storytime with the kids.

Did you know National Frankenstein Day is celebrated on the last Friday in October every year? It might not be an official holiday, but it’s certainly one worth celebrating, especially being so close to Halloween.

In honor of one of my Halloween favorites, I’ve got some fun crafts and food ideas for you to make this year. 

Frankenstein Friday ideas

frankenstein lunch for kids
A fun Frankenstein lunch for kids.
  1. Halloween rock painting
  2. Egg carton treat boxes
  3. Frankenstein lollipop cover
  4. Hotel Transylvania movie night fun – handmade Frankestein mask
  5. Halloween party table spread with a Frankenstein popcorn tub
  6. Handmade tin can toss game
  7. Frankenstein candle
  8. Halloween pizzas
  9. A Frankenstein lunch for kids
Frankenstein Day food and craft ideas collage
National Frankenstein Day food and craft ideas.

More Frankenstein Day ideas

Pair these fun foods and craft projects with a movie or book about Frankenstein for a whole day of fun with the kids.

Do you have any Frankenstein-themed ideas to add to my list, please leave them in the comments below.

Note: This blog post was originally written by me for the website Rusty and Rosy, however that site is now offline. I have moved my content over here.

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