Christmas Day was spent with my husband's uncle.  It was snowing, and the kids were thrilled to wake up to a white Christmas.  Aunt Melinda put together a fun project for the kids to do while they were visiting (and taking breaks from throwing snowballs at one another).


What you need:

  • Pine Cones
  • Peanut Butter
  • Bird Seed
  • Rope, string or ribbon

Spread peanut butter onto the pine cone.  We found that using a small knife (that wasn't sharp such as a butter or pate knife) was perfect for this.

Pine cone bird feeders
Pinecone bird feeder
Pinecone bird feeders
Roll or sprinkle assorted bird seed over the peanut butter so that it sticks.

Pine cone crafts
Now tie your string, ribbon, or rope around the bird feeder and hang it up outside.

Pine cone bird feeder
Birds are going to love this.  By the following day one of the pine cones was stripped of bird seeds and they had started on the second one.  What a lovely Christmas treat for them.

How to make a bird feeder

This would make a great project for an outdoor themed party.   Just don't go making them at a campground and leave them out overnight, you might attract an unwanted critter.

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