I'm a collector of cheap shirts. Whenever I see plain shirts or tops on sale that will fit the kids I always pick up a couple in a size that will fit them now and the next size up. We use these to decorate our own fun shirts for the kids to wear, it's so much cheaper than buying pre-printed/decorated shirts, although we do occasionally purchase those too if we find them on clearance.

How to: Rhinestone Star Shirt
This cute blue top was $5 at Target.  It's a racerback shirt with a cute bow on the back. I thought it needed a little something on the front too, and Miss M is all about bling and glitter and rhinestones.

What you need:

  • Shirt
  • Rhinestones – I used a David Tutera rhinestone shimmer sheet
  • Jewel-It (embellishing glue)
  • Cardboard (or something similar that is flat and will fit inside the shirt)
  • Star stencil or cookie cutter

Place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt so that glue doesn't stick the front and back of the shirt together.

how to bling a shirt
Place a star stencil on the shirt, and then using the Jewel-It embellishing glue, trace around the inside of the star. Put a small amount of glue on each of the rhinestones and attach them to the star. You could also use a fabric marker to trace around the stencil if you like, but using the glue saves you from having to purchase a fabric marker too.

bling shirts
bling shirts
The glue dries fairly quickly and according to the package is permanent through repeated washing.

how to bling a shirt
And, this little girl loves her new blinged shirt.

How to: Rhinestone Star shirt

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