Friends TV Show DIY How You Doin’? Tote Bags

by Tonya Staab
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Looking for a fun Friends TV Show DIY? You’ll love these simple tote bags with Joey’s well-known phrase “How you doin’?”.

The girls decided they wanted to be Monica Geller and Rachel Green from Friends for Halloween this year. They found fantastic tees and sweatshirts on Etsy with the saying ‘Girls’ which each character had worn on Friends episodes, but I was a little worried that while trick-or-treating some parents might not get it and think they just didn’t want to dress up.

Last-minute Halloween morning we ran to the store for plain tote bags and I whipped up these trick-or-treating bags for each of them to use. We then printed out life-size faces of Monica and Rachel, cut them out, and attached them to popsicle sticks.

Friends TV Show DIY tote bags
Friends How You Doin’? DIY tote bags.

Now they looked more like Monica and Rachel, plus they could use the bags and wear the shirts year-round.

How to make Friends TV show tote bags



I’ve already reversed the printable PDF file for you, so all you need to do is pop your t-shirt transfer paper into your printer and print the PDF.

Once printed, place a wood cutting board on top of your ironing board or table, put a hand towel over the top, and then your bag. Turn your iron onto the highest setting. Cut around the transfer close to the words and place it face down onto the bag. Apply pressure with the iron for approximately 3-minutes, moving it to cover all areas of the transfer. Set the iron aside and peel up a corner of the transfer, if the words have transferred then continue peeling it off, however, if they haven’t, continue applying pressure for another minute at a time.

This activity and shirts would be so much fun for a girl’s night in to binge-watch episodes of Friends.

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