DIY Wood Block Photo Frames

by Tonya Staab
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Follow this easy tutorial to make wood block photo frames with fabric transfer photos on them.

Over spring break Mike and Flynn built a go-kart together (I’ll be sharing a photo tutorial of that shortly), but with most DIY projects there’s always leftover supplies, so I had Mike cut a few pieces of wood for me to make these wood block frames for Flynn’s bedroom. It seems I spend a lot of time decorating Marisol’s bedroom that poor Flynn’s has been exactly the same for the past couple of years. He loves these new additions though.

Note: This project was initially created for Hewlett Packard’s website, MyPrintly, however that site has been taken offline.  You can still find some video tutorials on the HP YouTube channel. 

What You Need To Make Wood Block Photo Frames

  • HP Envy Photo 7855 Printer
  • HP Iron-On Transfer Paper
  • Wood blocks – approximate 9″ x 6.5″ (but any size will work, just adjust your photo size accordingly)
  • Duck cloth canvas
  • Wood stain
  • Hemp cord
  • Spray adhesive and hot glue
  • Iron

How To Make Wood Block Photo Frames

If you have scraps of wood that are thick enough to stand on their own then use those (just make sure to adjust your photo size to fit), if not, we cut blocks of wood to be 6.75″ x 9″, and the blocks were about 1.5″ thick.

Stain the wood, I like to use a pre-stain wood conditioner first, allow to dry, and then add 2 coats of a dark walnut wood stain before applying a conditioner (allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next).

While stain and conditioners are drying is the perfect time to print and prepare your fabric images. The first step is to decide what images you want to print, then reverse (or flip) those images (I also made them black and white). Print onto the HP iron-on transfer paper using your HP Envy Photo printer. Tip: make sure to do a test print first so you don’t waste transfer paper.

Cut the paper fairly close to the images, leaving less than a centimeter border around. cut the fabric pieces even larger, and then follow the instructions on the HP iron-on transfer package to iron your photo transfer onto the fabric.

Cut your image out of the fabric, and then using the spray adhesive attach it to the wood block. Then, using hot glue attach pieces of hemp cord around each photo. Set aside to dry completely.

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