Succulent Planters You Can Make At Home

by Tonya Staab
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What can you plant succulents in? From everyday items to specialty jars and containers, we’ve got lots of ideas for you.

I’m all about upcycling, thrifting, and reusing items. I hate to see anything go to waste and if it can fill another purpose then I’m going to give it a try. A lot of these ideas will use items you can re-purpose but we do have other great ideas for you too.

For tips on how to plant succulents and make your own terrariums take a look at my succulent and terrarium guide.

Metal containers for succulents

Over at Lady and the Blog I’m showing you easy ways to turn metal containers such as cake tins, aluminum cans, and metal buckets into succulent planters.

succulents planted in baking tins and tin cans

It’s so easy to do, you’ll stop throwing those aluminum cans away and you’ll have rows of pretty plants in no time.

Pineapple planter

You can even paint everyday items to look like something else. I had a succulent that looked like the top of a pineapple so I found an old pot and painted it to look like a pineapple. You can find all the details to make your own pineapple planter at Divine Lifestyle.

A pot painted like a pineapple with a succulent planted inside.

Pumpkin succulent

Plant succulents inside pumpkins to decorate your Thankgsiving table or give out as gifts. Everyone will love these. Grab our pumpkin succulent tutorial and printable gift tags.

A succulent planted inside a white pumpkin with a gift tag attached.

Handmade clay planter

This handmade clay planter project is perfect for kids. They will love making and painting their very own planter and then planting a succulent inside to care for.

A handmade clay planter painted silver and blue with a succulent planted inside it.

Terrarium necklace

Whether you choose to wear it or hang it in your home, this miniature terrarium necklace is a beautiful way to plant succulents.

Succulent cuttings inside a terrarium necklace.

Succulents in jars

Re-purpose those old jam jars by wrapping them with hemp-cord and planting a succulent inside. You can find my instructions for making your own succulent jar at The Centsible Life.

A jam jar wrapped in hemp cord and a succulent planted inside.

Succulent fairy garden

Succulents are perfect for container fairy gardens. This Trolls-themed fairy garden with succulents and a small water feature is perfect for kids to look after.

Handmade Trolls inside a container fairy garden with succulents and a water feature.

Succulent terrariums

Terrariums are a popular way to plant succulents. My favorite terrariums are themed as you’ll see below.

LEGO terrarium

Our front room is OVERRUN with LEGO. It’s everywhere! I’m not kidding. So, I’ve found myself trying to get more and more creative with how we use it and display it. The kids have a large LEGO table where they’ve constructed a town, but there’s still so much more that hasn’t been built and cannot fit on the table. You can find my instructions to make your own LEGO succulent terrarium at Make and Takes.

Beach themed terrarium nightlight

This beach-themed terrarium nightlight I made for Marisol quite a few years ago. She still has it in her bedroom.

Holiday terrarium

This holiday terrarium is perfect for putting out around the holiday season. Or make a general one with the house and succulents, and decorate the inside for the holidays.

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