Organic and Vegan Cooking Classes in San Diego

by Tonya Staab
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Looking for vegan and organic cooking classes for kids and adults in San Diego? The Center for a Healthy Lifestyle has you covered.

Disclosure: We received complimentary cooking classes at the Center for a Healthy Lifestyle

I was recently invited (along with Miss M) to attend cooking classes at the Boys & Girls Clubs’ Center for a Healthy Lifestyle.

During our time there, we had four cooking classes and did a tour of the garden, sampling yummy organic freshly grown produce and playing with chickens.


The kids did the first class of the day, making hummus, with Chef Amanda Mascia of The Good Food Factory.

girl chopping herbs for homemade hummus

Although Miss M doesn’t like hummus, she absolutely loved the class where she learned how to squeeze lemons, use a can opener, measure ingredients, crush garlic, chop parsley, and blend ingredients.

She may not have eaten her share, but I was more than happy to eat it for her and it was delicious.

Raw mozzarella Caprese with pesto

Our second class was Raw Mozzarella Caprese with Pesto, by Vegan Chef Matthew Purnell. I had absolutely no idea you could make mozzarella from macadamia nuts, and I have to say that his Caprese salad was the best I have ever tasted.

raw mozzarella caprese with pesto

Chinese five-spice organic chicken lettuce cups

The third class was Chinese Five-Spice Organic Chicken Lettuce Cups with Alison Caldwell.

chicken lettuce cups

I love a good lettuce wrap and these did not disappoint, plus I finally learned how to pull lettuce apart into perfect cups without them breaking into tiny pieces. No more buying two heads of lettuce for me.

How to separate lettuce for lettuce cups: Find the stem on the head of lettuce, place it face down above a hard surface (ie a bench or cutting board) and smash it down a couple of times to break the stem. Carefully remove it from the lettuce. Cut the bottom of the lettuce off and then turn it up the other way running water in-between all of the lettuce leaves, this will separate them. Let them dry on a paper towel. 

Gluten-free chocolate glazed donuts

Our final class was making Gluten-free Chocolate Glazed Mini Donuts with Vegan Chef Liz Gary.

gluten-free chocolate glazed donuts

Liz got the kids involved in this class, having them stir the mixture, flipping donuts in the Babycakes donut maker, and dipping them in the glaze. Her donuts were absolutely amazing.

While the adults were doing a couple of the classes one of the staff took them around the garden to explore and meet the chickens and bunnies.

Center for a healthy lifestyle cooking classes

The Center for a Healthy Lifestyle is a wonderful place for kids and adults to take cooking classes and learn more about organic produce. Check out their class schedule to see what they are currently offering.

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Nana July 19, 2016 - 2:20 am

Chef Amanda you are so lovely. Thanks for your patience to take the kids through the class. Be blessed

web Design in Kenya June 21, 2017 - 2:53 am

Her donuts were absolutely amazing. Thanks for taking the kid through all that.


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