Colorful Paper Bag Scarecrow Puppet Craft for Kids

by Tonya Staab

Put on a fall puppet show with this scarecrow paper bag puppet craft. It’s a fun autumn craft for preschoolers to elementary-aged kids.

a scarecrow made out of a paper bag, crayons, and paper strips
Make our colorful scarecrow paper bag craft with kids this fall. It’s perfect for a puppet show.

How do you make a scarecrow out of a paper bag?

This bright and colorful paper bag scarecrow puppet is so easy to make and so much fun for kids. They’ll love putting on a puppet show, or using these puppets for dramatic play or fall storytime.


  • Paper bag
  • Colored paper strips
  • Crayons
  • Glue stick
  • Googly eyes
a paper bag, crayons, glue stick, googly eyes, and paper strips to make a scarecrow craft
Gather a paper bag, crayons, googly eyes, and paper strips to make our scarecrow craft.


This scarecrow craft is so easy for kids because there’s no cutting involved, they just need to use their imaginations.

If you don’t have thin paper strips or origami paper on hand, you can use a paper cutter to cut construction paper into strips for the kids. Let them attach the scarecrow hair however if they.

They then need to glue the googly eyes into place, and from there can add any additional features that they like.

an adorable and colorful scarecrow made out of a paper bag and colorful strips of paper
Draw a face on your scarecrow, attach googly eyes, and glue paper strips for ‘straw hair’ into place.

Check out a couple of the adorable scarecrow puppets that the kids made at school. The one on the left is the sample I made for them. I love the ones they made so much more. At the time I didn’t add clothing, but this would be a great additional step if you have more time at home, or for older kids.

paper bag scarecrow puppets made by kids
Adorable scarecrow puppets made by preschoolers.

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