Super Cute and Easy Fall Classroom Door Ideas

by Tonya Staab

Your kids will love our super cute fall classroom door ideas including watercolor fall leaves and a colorful construction paper scarecrow.

Fall classroom door ideas including a construction paper scarecrow, packaging paper repurposed into a tree, and watercolor fall leaves painted by kids.
Decorate your classroom door with watercolor fall leaves and a scarecrow.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned on here, but back in February I took a job as a Substitute Teacher for Head Start. I thought I might just work odd days here and there, but have found that I’m working multiple days a week, and at the moment am covering for a teacher for 6 weeks.

Fall classroom door ideas

Over the past few weeks our class has been working on a tree unit. There have been books, field trips to the park, bark rubbings, tree art, and so much more as the kids learn all about trees. During one of our field trips to the park the kids found piles of dried leaves on the ground and decided to jump in them and throw them over their heads. That same week, I had them paint cut-out fall leaves with watercolor paints. Then, just to mix things up, later that week I had the kids make paper bag scarecrow puppets.

All of these things combined gave me the inspiration for our fall classroom door.

The kids did such a wonderful job painting their fall leaves.

watercolor fall cut-out leaves painted by kids are used to decorate the classroom door for fall.
Watercolor fall leaves that were painted by preschoolers are used for decorating the classroom door.

The scarecrow was made out of construction paper, and the tree was made out of packaging material that I found in a supplies room.

A preschool classroom door with watercolor fall leaves and a construction paper scarecrow.
This fall preschool classroom door is so colorful and fun, the kids are going to love it.

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