10+ Colorful Fall Tree Craft Ideas for Kids

by Tonya Staab
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Bring the beautiful fall colors indoors with these creative fall tree craft ideas for kids that use a variety of craft techniques.

Fall tree craft ideas

A lot of these fall tree craft ideas I made with the kids at school as part of our tree unit. We are still studying trees for another few weeks so I’ll continue updating this post with more tree crafts as we do them.

Handprint tree art for fall

fall handprint tree art
Fall handprint tree art for kids.

Kids are going to love making this handprint tree art. The best part is you can do so many color combinations including purple, orange, yellow, green, red, and brown handprint leaves for your tree. You can find my instructions on Kids Activities.

Apple tree craft

apple tree craft for preschoolers made out of construction paper, popsicle sticks, and tissue paper
An apple tree craft made out of construction paper and tissue paper.

If you are looking for a quick, easy, and fun apple tree craft for preschoolers, then this is the one with lots of opportunities for them to use fine motor skills. You’ll find my instructions at Kids Activities.

Paper roll handprint Thanksgiving tree

paper roll handprint tree craft
This handprint tree craft is perfect for Thanksgiving.

Make a family tree or a thankful tree for Thanksgiving with the whole family and even your Thanksgiving guests too. This paper roll handprint tree and is a great way to share what you are thankful for. You’ll find my instructions to make your own with kids on Kids Activities Blog.

Torn tissue paper fall tree craft

Fall tree craft for preschoolers using brown construction paper and colorful tissue paper
A tissue paper fall tree that uses fine motor skills.

This tissue paper fall tree is a great way for kids to use fine motor skills. They can tear tissue paper, cut construction paper, and glue their tree together. This is a project I made with the kids at school as part of our tree unit.

Pine needle tree art

pine needle fall tree painting for preschoolers
A fall tree painted with pine needles.

This pine needle tree art is one of my favorite projects I’ve done with the kids. We dipped pine needles into colorful paint and stamped it on paper as part of our tree unit at school. You’ll find my full instructions to make your own at Kids Activities.

Paper tree craft for fall

A paper tree craft made with construction paper and scrap paper squares
A pretty fall tree made out of construction paper and paper squares.

This paper fall tree craft idea is another school craft that I made with the kids as part of our tree unit. We used construction paper and Lakeshore Learning Paper Squares. You could use regular scrapbook paper though to make this easy craft with the kids.

Plastic straw painted tree

A paper tree with fall leaves painted used a plastic straw
A paper tree with fall leaves painted with a plastic straw.

Yes, this is another tree unit fall tree. We have a die-cutting machine at school to cut fun shapes and letters which is how we got the tree shape. The fall leaves were made by cutting the end of a plastic straw and having the kids dip the end into paint and stamp it onto the paper.

Stick tree craft

fall tree crafts for kids
Fall trees made using sticks and assorted crafts.

Use sticks that have fallen on the ground to make these fun fall tree crafts. There are so many different items you can use for the leaves. We made thumbprint, seed, button, and scrapbook paper trees.

Preschool tree craft

preschool tree craft using real fall leaves and shapes
A fall tree made using shapes and real fall leaves.

Gather colorful fall leaves with kids and look at the shape of trees to make this easy preschool tree craft. I did this craft with the school kids as part of our tree study unit. You’ll find my instructions to make your own at Kids Activities.

More tree crafts

Are you looking for even more leaf and tree craft activities for preschoolers and kindergarteners? Take a look at these:

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