Fun Paper Plate Crafts for Kids to Make

by Tonya Staab
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Kids are going to love making these paper plate crafts. We have a Mayflower ship, fish bowl, paper plate shakers, and so much more.

Do you always seem to end up with leftover disposable party supplies as we do after entertaining at home? These fun crafts are perfect for that, they are also a great craft activity to do at school with kids.

Paper plate crafts for kids

Paper plate fish bowl

a paper plate fish bowl craft painted with watercolor paint.
An adorable watercolor paper plate fish bowl craft for kids with cut-out paper fish.

Kids are going to love making this paper plate fish bowl craft. Although I’m sharing all of the details to make your own at 5 Minutes for Mom, this craft is one straight out of our book The Big Book of Kids Activities. Inside the book, we also show you how to make a marble maze, watermelon suncatcher, snail, and a rainbow craft too.

Mayflower sailing ship paper plate

Thanksgiving Mayflower paper plate craft
Make a Mayflower sailing ship craft for Thanksgiving with kids.

Teach your kids about the history of Thanksgiving and the pilgrims being transported on the Mayflower while you make this fun paper plate Mayflower sailing ship craft. The full instructions to make this boat craft are on Kids Activities Blog.

Paper plate school bus

paper plate school bus craft
Get excited for back to school with this fun paper plate school bus craft for kids.

How fun is this paper plate school bus? This is the perfect craft to get kids prepared for and excited to head back to school this year. You can attach a photo of them as a passenger on the bus in the window too. My tutorial to make your own at Kids Activities Blog.

Fall paper plates

Fall paper plate craft ideas including a pilgrim, pumpkin, turkey, scarecrow, apple, and an owl.
Fall paper plates for kids to make including a scarecrow, pumpkin, turkey, pilgrim, and more.

These paper plate fall craft ideas are so much fun to make throughout autumn and Thanksgiving. We show you how to make an apple, an owl, a scarecrow, a pilgrim, a turkey, and a pumpkin.

Paper plate snowglobe

paper plate snowglobe
This paper plate snowglobe craft is a fun craft for kids to make this Christmas or all winter long.

This paper plate snowglobe craft might be Christmas-themed, but you can make a winter-themed one too. Head over to Kids Activities where I’m showing you how to make this fun project with kids. We’ve got free printable coloring pages that can be used as the backdrop including the Christmas one you see along with polar bears, snowmen, snowflakes, and more.

Paper plate shakers

make sparkly shakers using paper plates and craft sticks.
Make these shakers for your next celebration using paper plates.

Whether you make these paper plate shakers to celebrate New Year’s Eve or a birthday party they are so much fun. These are the perfect project for kids to make. You can attach anything you like to their front, including names, numbers, or stickers to make them themed for any event.

Paper plate turkey

paper plate turkey craft
Make an adorable paper plate turkey craft for fall and Thanksgiving.

Look at how bright and colorful this paper plate turkey craft is! Kids are going to love making this fun Thanksgiving craft this year. It’s a great way to keep them occupied on a rainy day, or while you are getting everything prepared to host Thanksgiving dinner for your family and friends.

Paper plate snowman

paper plate snowman
A paper plate snowman for kids to make this winter.

Kids are going to love making this fun paper plate snowman craft. Put glitter or snowflakes inside and turn it into a paper plate snowglobe that they can have fun with all winter.

Hocus Pocus Halloween craft

The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus paper plate craft for halloween
These Sanderson Sisters Hocus Pocus paper plate masks will be a hit for Halloween.

If you are looking for a super fun and easy costume idea this Halloween, then these Sanderson Sisters paper plate masks are sure to be a hit. Just pair them with a witch’s dress and you are ready to go. You’ll find my instructions to make these fun masks at Kids Activities Blog.

Paper plate wreath

paper plate christmas wreath
Kids will love making this easy Christmas wreath with dyed pasta and ribbon.

This fun paper plate wreath is the perfect Christmas craft for preschoolers. They will love dyeing pasta to decorate their wreath craft too. You can also supply them with paint and a paintbrush so that they can paint the paper plate before adding the pasta and ribbon.

Rainbow paper plate craft

a rainbow paper plate craft with cotton ball clouds and a pot of gold at the end of it
Find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with this rainbow paper plate craft.

Did you see a rainbow outside? Make that memory last forever by making rainbows out of paper plates and then photograph them outside where you saw a rainbow. The kids will love having their own rainbow, plus a photo of the memory. You’ll find my instructions to make this fun craft at Kids Activities Blog. This also makes a great craft for St. Patrick’s Day.

Paper plate witch mask

a paper plate witch mask for Halloween
Halloween paper plate witch masks for kids.

These paper plate witch masks are perfect for Halloween. Use them as photo booth props, for kids who don’t like (or can’t) wear makeup, and they make a fun Halloween party craft for kids too. Grab my instructions to make this fun Halloween craft at Make and Takes.

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