These turkey themed juice boxes are the perfect addition to story time this fall and Thanksgiving, plus kids will love them on the Thanksgiving table this holiday season.

I love to make themed treats that are just perfect for movie nights, story time, parties, just about any occasion is perfect for a themed treat or snack.

How adorable are these turkey themed juice boxes? Absolutely perfect for story time throughout fall, and of course, Thanksgiving.


Turkey crafts for kids: Turkey juice box for story time. #thanksgiving
Older kids will be able to make there own making this the perfect craft project for class parties and fall parties, and for setting the kids table at Thansksgiving. 

All you need to make these fun juice boxes is:

  • Your favorite juice box
  • Paper – in assorted colors
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Cut the main body shape for the turkey first, making sure there’s enough to cross over at the back and glue into place.

Next, cut out the feathers (you can shape these just like leaves) and the facial features, and glue those into place too with the googly eyes. 



Note: This project was initially created by me for Rusty and Rosy, however, projects on that site have been removed and so I’ve been moving them back to my own blog.


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