Basic DIY Dollhouse Bed with a Headboard

by Tonya Staab

We show you how to make a basic DIY dollhouse bed for a master bedroom along with twin beds for a kid’s bedroom including bedding for each.

As part of my daughter’s dollhouse project for her arts collab, she asked us to make custom beds for both a master bedroom and kids’ bedroom.

gender neutral diy matching twin dollhouse beds with nature inspired bedding
DIY matching twin dollhouse beds that are gender neutral.

DIY dollhouse bed

These beds are so simple to make and we used wood thin enough that you don’t need any special tools, you can cut it with a box cutter and glue it all together.


  • Plywood – 3mm (or anything you are able to cut through if you don’t have a saw)
  • Wood dowel rods
  • E-6000 or hot glue
  • Box cutter or saw
  • Paint
  • Fabric
  • Padding
  • Stuffing

Note: We used leftover plywood from the dollhouse wood floorboards and another DIY project to make these beds.


DIY plywood dollhouse bed with a headboard
Make an easy DIY dollhouse bed with a headboard for your child’s dollhouse.

As you can see these dollhouse beds are very basic. Once painted and covered with bedding though your kids will love them.

You don’t need nails or a hammer to assemble these. Once you’ve cut out the pieces just put them together with glue.

For the legs, we cut down dowel rods and put them into place on the opposite side of the bed to the headboard.

diy dollhouse bed made out of plywood and wood dowel rods
Use plywood and wood dowel rods to make a custom dollhouse bed.

We painted the twin beds white, and the master bedroom bed green.

Then we whipped up really simple pillows and a quilt using fabric, padding, and stuffing.

For the quilt, double over a piece of fabric and then cut it about 2 inches wider and longer than the bed. Sew three sides of the fabric together (on the wrong side) to make a bag. Turn it right side out and insert the padding before sewing up the end. Repeat this for the pillows, only insert stuffing instead of padding.

a green plywood bed with grey, black, and white bedding for a dollhouse.
Green, grey, white, and black master bedroom bed and bedding for a dollhouse.

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