Fun Fall Crafts For Kids to Make

by Tonya Staab
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We have a round-up of fun fall crafts for kids to make this year. These are perfect for fall parties or Thanksgiving activities for the kids.

Fall crafts

Scarecrow jars

a small jar turned into a scarecrow and filled with goldfish crackers
A scarecrow jar craft full of yummy treats for kids.

We have two fun scarecrow jar crafts to choose from. The kids are going to love these, especially when they are filled with their favorite treats.

Fall paper plate crafts

fall paper plate crafts for kids
Fall paper plate crafts for kids to make

We have 6 adorable fall paper plate crafts to choose from. All you need is scissors, paint, paper, and glue to decorate these paper plates.

Fall tree craft ideas

Four fall tree craft ideas for kids using seeds, buttons, paper, and thumbprints.
Four fall tree craft ideas for kids.

We have four fun fall tree craft ideas for kids to make. Make just one, or make all four. This is a great way to use branches that fall down during windy days.

Apple stamped banner

A burlap banner stamped with painted apples.
An apple-stamped burlap banner for fall decorating.

This burlap banner that has been stamped with painted apples is a fun project for you to make with your kids. Have them paint and stamp the apples, draw on the stem and seeds, and you can assemble the banner to decorate your home for fall. You can find my instructions for making your own stamped apple banner at Multiples and More.

Disguise a turkey craft

disguise a turkey as a peacock craft for kids
A picture of a turkey disguised as a peacock.

In school, the kids had to disguise turkeys to look like something else before Thanksgiving so they wouldn’t be eaten. The twins disguised their turkeys as a peacock and a pirate.

Hand-stitched fall cards

hand stitched fall pumpkin and leaf cards for kids to make
Pumpkin and fall leaf hand-stitched cards made by kids.

These hand-stitched fall leaf and pumpkin cards are so much fun for kids to make and gift. They can make cards for family and friends and learn how to send them in the mail. Plus, this is a great hand-eye coordination activity for them.

Fall handprint tree art

A fall handprint tree art project for kids to make.
Fall handprint tree in orange, yellow, and green.

Kids are going to love getting messy with this fall handprint tree art. Use all the pretty colors of fall to make beautiful trees of your own. I’m sharing instructions over at Kids Activities Blog.

Bark, pine needle and leaf rubbings

bark, pine needle, and leaf rubbing ideas for kids
Bark, pine needle, and leaf rubbings are perfect for fall.

With leaves falling, pine needles on the ground, and trees covered in bark, fall is the perfect time to take the kids outside with crayons and paper to do rubbings. You can grab all my details on how to do nature rubbings with the kids at Multiples and More.

Thanksgiving handprint tree

A paper roll thankful tree to make with the whole family using handprints.
Thanksgiving paper roll handprint tree craft to make with the whole family.

We showed you a handprint tree art project above, but this handprint tree is perfect for Thanksgiving. Have the whole family make handprints and then write what they are thankful for on the back.

Handprint and footprint turkey

handprint and footprint turkey art
Footprint and handprint turkey art for kids to make.

The whole family will love this project doing handprint and footprint turkey art. It’s a great way to track kids’ growth progress year after year, but you can also make a whole family of handprint and footprint turkeys to frame and hang on the wall.

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