Halloween Jack-o’-lantern Ideas and Crafts To Make

by Tonya Staab
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These Jack OLantern ideas including food, crafts, and DIY decorations are perfect for celebrating Halloween with kids this year.

Jack-o’-lantern ideas

Lighted Jack-o’-lantern garland

jack o lantern lighted garland diy
A DIY Jack-o’-lantern lighted garland for Halloween

Decorate your mantel this Halloween with a DIY lighted Jack-o’-lantern garland. You will need a string of orange lights, clear holiday ornaments, and paint. Hang your garland above a fireplace and watch it flickering with the flames underneath. You can find my instructions to make your own at Make and Takes.

Jack-o’-lantern lunch box

jack olantern lunch for kids
A healthy Jack-o’-lantern themed lunch for kids.

Kids are going to love this Jack-o’-lantern lunch. The best part, it’s healthy! Save the candy and treats for trick-or-treating.

If you want another Halloween school lunch idea, check out how we draw a jack-o’-lantern face on our fruit.

Decorate Jack-o’-lantern pumpkins

jack olantern ideas for pumpkins that aren't carving
Decorate pumpkins like a Jack-o’-lantern with markers and googly eyes.

Instead of carving pumpkins use markers or paint to decorate them with faces. This is the perfect activity for younger kids. The best part is you can still cook and eat the pumpkin later.

Halloween Jack-o’-lantern pumpkin piñata

a handmade jack olantern pumpkin pinata
A handmade Jack-o’-lantern pumpkin piñata.

Do you need a piñata for your Halloween party? Head over to Blissfully Domestic and grab my tutorial to make a Halloween pumpkin Jack-o’-lantern piñata. You can fill it with items like these:

  • Glow sticks for trick-or-treating
  • Candy
  • Tattoos
  • Halloween-themed bubbles, whistles, and other party items
  • Balloons

Construction paper Jack O’lantern

a jack o lantern craft for preschoolers made out of construction paper
Tear construction paper to make this spooky jack o’lantern craft for Halloween.

I made this spooky jack o’lantern construction paper craft with the kids at school recently. Tearing paper and gluing it is so easy and so much fun. Get all the details on how to make this craft at Kids Activities.

Jack-o’-lantern candle jar

halloween candle light craft
Halloween Jack-o’-lantern candle jar craft.

Decorate your front walkway, fireplace mantel, or windowsills with these handmade Jack-o’-lantern candle jars. They add a subtle glow to light up a path or room. This is a great craft project for kids to make this Halloween.

More Jack-o’-lantern ideas

a collage of jack olantern food and craft ideas for Halloween
Jack OLantern ideas including food, crafts, and decorations for Halloween.

More Jack O’Lantern ideas

Are you looking for even more Jack OLantern ideas to make with the kids this Halloween? Check out these fun crafts and food:

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