Monster Food Ideas for Halloween That Kids Will Love

by Tonya Staab

Whether you are hosting a Halloween or monster party, kids will love these monster ideas including monster food and monster crafts.

Monster food ideas

Monster cookies

monster cookies
Easy monster eyeball cookies.

These monster cookies are bright, colorful, and fun. The best part is the cookies are pre-made so you can just get creative with adding eyes and faces if you like. I’m sharing all the details on these and other quick and easy Halloween ideas at Party City.

Colorful pudding monsters

monster pudding
Bright and colorful pudding monster cups.

These bright and colorful monster pudding cups are a fun food craft that kids can help make. My daughter mixed all of the colors and added the fun toppings to these.

Monster treat jars

canning jar filled with blue candy with an eye on top of it
Monster treat jars filled with candy.

Fill these monster treat jars with your favorite candy. We show you how to make your own eyeball labels if you want specific colors. Or, you can download and print our free printable eyeball labels.

Monster eye cupcakes

colorful monster eye cupcakes
Colorful monster eye cupcakes.

These bright and colorful monster eyeball cupcakes use lollipops for eyes making them two treats in one. Everyone will love these at your monster-themed party.

Orange Scream pudding monster dessert

orange and green monster pudding dessert
Orange and green monster pudding dessert.

If you can’t find these monster horn cupcake toppers anymore, that’s okay, make your own. Think of all the crazy hair and horn ideas you can come up with. Then head over to get my instructions to make this monster pudding dessert.

Monster cakes

monster cakes
Purple and green monster cakes.

I made these monster cakes quite a few years ago for a Halloween cakewalk at the twins school. They are so easy to make anyone can do it.

Marshmallow pop monsters

monster marshmallow pops for a monster party
Easy monster marshmallow pops.

These funny monster marshmallow pops were one of my first monster food ideas. You can find my instructions to make your own at Multiples and More.

Looking for more monster ideas that the kids will love? Check out these:

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