Angry Birds Crafts Handmade Face Masks

by Tonya Staab
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Are you looking for Angry Birds crafts? Kids are going to love these handmade face masks inspired by the Angry Birds 2 movie.

We were invited to a screening of the new Angry Birds 2 movie this weekend and I have to tell you that I didn’t think it would be a movie I would like, but it was HILARIOUS! We barely stopped laughing the entire time.

So, if you are heading to see it at a theater or drive-in next week, make these fun masks before you go and you can have ‘resting bird face’ or join ‘Squeal Squad 6’ too.

A mother and son wearing handmade angry birds face masks.
Handmade Angry Birds face masks.

Also, make sure to rent the first Angry Birds movie before you see the second one too, this will make for an extra fun Angry Birds fun-filled day.

Now, before we get started with the tutorial, let me show you why where I got the inspiration to make these fun masks.

During the movie, you’ll see these:

image was provided to me by Sony Pictures

As soon as I saw them I thought it would be fun to make some of our own. I had everything on hand to make ours, but getting into the car and driving to the craft store to look for lime green felt just wasn’t going to happen, so the regular green felt I had worked just fine.

They reminded me of the face masks I made for a campaign for The Wild Life movie a few years ago, so I re-used the same mask template that I had from that to create Red’s mask.

Angry birds crafts

Supplies to make Angry Birds face masks

  • Felt – red, green, black
  • Embroidery thread – red, black, yellow, green
  • Needle and sewing pins
  • Feathers – red
  • Free printable template
  • Scissors
  • Elastic
Supplies needed to make Angry Birds face masks.


Print the mask template I’ve put together for you and cut out all of the pieces.

Pin them onto the felt pieces and cut them out.

Instructions for making felt masks.

Note: The reason I have 2 each of the main pieces is to make the mask thicker so it sits nicer when wearing it and isn’t flimsy.

Using embroidery thread and a needle, stitch the facial features into place before stitching the back piece on. While you are stitching the back piece add the elastic in place between the two pieces of felt (front and back) and stitch that into place too.

Instructions for making Angry Birds face masks.

And you are all done!

These are great for an Angry Birds party, going to see Angry Birds at the movie theater or drive-in, or for an Angry Birds movie night at home.

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