Creative and Fun Stick Crafts

by Tonya Staab

Get outside and collect twigs and sticks with your kids to make these creative stick crafts that are so much fun for the whole family.

What can you make out of sticks?

There are so many things you can make out of sticks that have fallen off trees in your backyard. We’ve got great ideas including home decor, fairy garden ideas, and so much more.


Nature butterfly collage craft

nature butterfly collage using sticks and flower petals
A nature butterfly craft for kids made with flower petals and sticks.

This nature butterfly collage made using sticks and flower petals is so pretty. Kids are going to love making these outdoors throughout spring and summer. You can grab my instructions at Kids Activities.

Love pallet sign

diy love pallet sign
Make this DIY ‘love’ pallet sign to hang on your wall.

Pallet crafts won’t be going out of style for a while as long as farmhouse and rustic decor continues to trend. This ‘love’ pallet sign is so easy to make and you can hang it amongst family photos on the wall. I have the instructions to make your own at 5 Minutes for Mom.

Stick slingshot craft

stick slingshot craft for kids
A homemade slingshot craft for kids wrapped in colorful embroidery thread.

This homemade stick slingshot craft for kids is a fun weekend project or summer break activity. I made it for the ‘get out and play summer series’ for Make and Takes.

Fairy garden tire swing

fairy garden tire swing
An adorable fairy garden tire swing craft.

Remember the stick slingshot craft that I shared above? Well, when the kids stopped playing with it I decided to use it in our fairy garden. It made such a fun DIY tire swing for our fairies to swing on.

Recycled stick raft

boy playing with a stick raft in water
A stick raft with a sail made out of a Capri Sun package.

This DIY stick raft is the perfect summer activity for kids. Plus, we use a Capri Sun drink pouch for the sail making it a great repurposing craft too. My kids love sending their LEGO figures on rafting adventures. I’m sharing the instructions to make your own at The Centsible Life.

Dreamcatcher inspired wall hanging

A wall hanging inspired by a dreamcatcher and made out of scrap ribbon, yarn, and fabric.
A colorful wall hanging inspired by dreamcatchers.

This pretty dreamcatcher-inspired wall hanging is on my bedroom wall. It is made out of scraps and sticks from the backyard making it an inexpensive craft. I show you how to make your own at Kids Activities.

Fall tree craft

easy fall tree craft ideas for kids to make
Fall tree crafts made using sticks, buttons, seeds, paper, and more.

There are so many different options for making these fall stick crafts, all you need is your imagination. I bet you have a ton of supplies at home that you could use so you don’t need to spend any money.

Garden stick mobile

garden stick mobile
Make a colorful garden stick mobile to hang in your garden.

This colorfully painted garden mobile is made out of sticks. It’s such a fun and creative project for kids to make that you can hang in the garden or on the patio. Get all the details over at Make and Takes.

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