DIY Fairy Garden Crafts That Kids Will Love

by Tonya Staab
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You can make an inexpensive fairy garden at home with these homemade accessories, landscaping and outdoor ideas, and fairy garden crafts.

What can I use for a fairy garden?

A large wood box with handles that has been turned into a fairy garden.
Fairy garden in a box

There are many different things that you can use for a fairy garden at home. Above, you can see that we made a fairy garden in a box. We made this one about three years ago, we’ve transported it from California to Kentucky, and we still have it in our garden. Here are a few other ideas for what you can use for a fairy garden:

How do you make fairy garden accessories at home?

Once you have the vessel you want to set up your fairy garden in, the next step is to accessorize it. We keep building on ours as we come up with new ideas.

Popsicle stick observation deck

A fairy sitting on top of an observation deck made out of popsicle sticks. It's sitting inside a fairy garden with deer underneath.
Fairy garden observation deck craft.

This handmade observation deck is the most recent addition to our fairy garden box. It’s made out of popsicle sticks, making it an inexpensive craft, but one that you will need to help your kids assemble. I’m sharing the tutorial to make one over at Kids Activities Blog.

Walnut shell fairy garden crafts

Small fairy garden crafts made out of walnut shells.
Fairy garden accessories made out of walnut shells.

These walnut shell fairy garden crafts are fun weekend projects to do with the kids. We made a nest with eggs, an owl house, and a mini succulent ‘rock’ using a faux succulent from the craft store. All you need to decorate your walnut shell halves are assorted moss that you glue into place.

Pine cone fairies

pine cone fairies
Beautiful pine cone fairies for a fairy garden.

These handmade pine cone fairies are the perfect addition to your fairy garden. You can find my instructions to make your own at Kids Activities Blog. Make a whole family of pinecone fairies using different-sized pine cones.

Fairy garden tire swing

A tire swing for a fairy garden made out of a toy tire from a car and a stick wrapped with string.
Handmade tire swing for a fairy garden.

This tire swing was made using a stick slingshot that I had created for Flynn to play with. He hadn’t picked it up in a while so I re-purposed it, along with a spare tire from a broken car.

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