How to Make a Pencil Vase Gift for the Teacher

by Tonya Staab
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This pencil vase is not only a lovely gift for the teacher to put on her desk, but she will have extra pencils to hand out to her class too.

Today’s teacher appreciation week gift begins with the letter ‘E’ for educational. We were asked to provide school supplies to the teacher if possible. 

A vase with flowers that has been wrapped with writing pencils for a teacher gift.


  • Pack of writing pencils – check with your student what they use in class
  • Jar or vase
  • Elastic band
  • Flowers


Miss M and I went to Staples and she showed me the pencils they use for writing in the classroom. We picked up a box of 48 for under $6.

I have a few food jars at home that have been washed and set aside to use for crafts. One of them was tall and thin without curves in it so it was perfect for this project. I used a hair elastic (because I couldn’t find a single elastic band in the entire house) and then popped each pencil in between the hair elastic and the jar. Then I tied a simple ribbon around it, filled the jar with water, and popped in some pretty flowers.

In case you’ve missed our previous posts, each day of the week gifts for our teachers spelled out the word TEACH. We used ‘teach’ for teacher appreciation gifts previously too. Here are our ideas for this year:

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