Easy Peasy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids to Make

by Tonya Staab

These easy peasy Valentine’s Day crafts for kids to make are perfect for classrooms or to make and gift to family and friends.

Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

Grouchy Ladybug Valentine’s craft

Grouchy Ladybug Valentine’s Day craft inspired by the Hugs & Kisses for The Grouchy Ladybug book.

These Grouchy Ladybug Valentine’s are part of a book and craft series I’ve been doing over at Harper Kids. These not only make a fun storytime craft this Valentine’s Day, but the kids can hand them out too.

Perler bead heart necklace

a pink perler bead heart on a silver chain for valentines day
A handmade pink Perler bead heart necklace.

Who else has a kid who loves Perler beads? The twins loved them when they were little. They would frequently come up with amazing designs like this Perler bead heart that we put on a silver chain for Valentine’s Day. You can grab my tutorial to make your own at Multiples and More.

Mandarin orange love bug craft

mandarin orange love bug craft for Valentine's Day
Love bug craft for kids using mandarins.

I made a few really fun Valentine’s Day crafts for Halos a few years ago. Kids are going to love making these mandarin love bugs for Valentine’s Day this year. Aren’t they adorable?

Valentine’s Day tic tac toe

valentine's day tic tac toe
A DIY Valentine’s Day tic tac toe game for kids.

All you need are wood shapes and paint to make this DIY Valentine’s Day tic tac toe game. It’s so easy that kids can make it and they’ll love playing a fun game with you once it’s dry too.

Yarn heart cards

valentine's day cards with a heart made out of scrap yarn
Scrap yarn Valentine’s Day heart cards for kids to make and give.

Don’t throw away scraps of yarn, they can be used for so many kids crafts including these Valentine’s Day scrap yarn heart cards. You can find my instructions to make your own over at Kids Activities.

Valentine’s Day picture frames

Wood picture frames that have been decorated by kids for Valentine's day.
Valentine’s Day picture frames decorated by kids.

These Valentine’s Day picture frames are the perfect gift for parents, grandparents, and even teachers. The kids are going to have so much fun painting and decorating them.

LEGO heart necklace

red lego heart necklace with silver chain
A LEGO heart necklace is such a simple gift for kids to make.

We are a LEGO family so what could be better than this really easy LEGO heart necklace for kids to make and wear this Valentine’s Day.

Pom-pom love bugs

pom-pom love bug craft
Adorable pom-pom love bugs for kids to make.

Aren’t these pom-pom love bugs absolutely adorable? This is such a fun and easy craft for kids to make this Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect craft for classrooms or to make at home.

Cupids arrow craft

cupids arrow craft using glitter card stock, wood dowel rods, and tape
Make a quick and easy cupids arrow craft with kids this Valentine’s Day.

This glittery cupids arrow craft is quick, easy, and safe. Kids will love seeing how far they can throw them. Set up a target for them in the backyard or a hallway. Grab my instructions to make your own from Multiples and More.

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