Easy Vase Craft Ideas for Any Season

by Tonya Staab

If you’re looking for ways to update old vases taking up space in a cupboard, try these vase craft ideas. You’ll want to put them on display.

Vase craft ideas

Paint a vase

A vase that has been painted white and has pink flowers inside it
Take an ugly vase and gift it a fresh coat of paint.

Head to your local thrift store and rescue the ugliest vases they have. Give them a fresh coat of paint to give new life to them. I’ve got all the details on just how easy it is to paint a vase over at The Centsible Life.

Burlap wrapped painted vase

a plain glass vase painted white and wrapped with burlap and twine and filled with a winter arrangement
Paint a plain glass vase and then wrap it with burlap and twine.

I made this burlap wrapped painted vase for a winter arrangement, however it’s perfect for using any time of the year. I can imagine fall and spring colors spilling over the top of it too. Grab my instructions to make this easy vase craft at Make and Takes.

Glass jar vase

canning jar turned into a vase for flowers
A large canning jar can be turned into the perfect vase for arranging flowers.

This is one of my favorite vase craft ideas. This canning jar vase has holes drilled into the top of it for arranging flowers like a pro. I even use it in my kitchen for fresh herbs. You can grab my instructions for making your own at Make and Takes.

Fabric and felt vase cover

a hand-sewn fabric and felt vase cover
A pretty vase cover made out of fabric and felt.

Use felt and fabric scraps to make this pretty bird vase cover. This is the perfect craft for using small scraps of fabric that you have in a bin and it will look so pretty in a little girl’s bedroom.

Stamped fabric vase cover

a stamped fabric vase cover filled with flowers
Make a pretty stamped butterfly fabric cover for your vase.

You can create a pretty fabric cover for your vase using stamps. This is such a fun craft project and so easy to make. All you need is a little imagination, stamps, and a few fabric-friendly products.

Knit winter vase covers

a knit winter vase cover on a glass bottle with a flower
Knit a warm and cozy cover for your favorite vase.

These knit winter vase covers might have been made during cold weather, but mine stays on year round on one of my plants because I love it so much. I have three different knit winter vase ideas to choose from and yes, you can make these for your potted plants too. Grab my instructions over at Make and Takes.

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