So a little while ago I came across some adorable little Paula Deen kitchen cupcake papers at Michaels.

My first thought is that they would be fabulous for a cooking party with girlfriends, or for ladies who host parties as consultants for the likes of Pampered Chef.

What I really loved was the base of the cupcake paper so this is what I did:

Cooking cupcake collage

Cut out the base of the cupcake paper. 

Glue it to a sheet of cardboard and cut out. 

Glue a wooden stick to the reverse side and set aside to dry.

Now go ahead and use some of more of those cute cupcake papers to bake your cupcakes in.

kitchen party cupcakes  cupcakes for a cooking party

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Nat July 26, 2010 - 7:30 pm

Oh my, Tonya. If you come back to SD we are going to have to open up shop! 🙂 That is my favorite way to frost cupcakes, too- so much faster and it looks so nice. Plus you don’t get frosting all over yourself and it’s not wasted- more left over for licking. 🙂

Aurelia July 28, 2010 - 10:22 pm

This is a wonderful idea, you reminds me to try use all nice prints from here and there reuse them. Thank you 😀


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